Winter Wonderland 3D Mixed Media Canvas December 12 2015, 3 Comments

While the ever-creative alter ego that you've come to know on this blog is often found after hours elbow deep in paint, washi tape, and digital art products, my days are actually spent teaching four year olds at a local preschool (where I assure you I am also doused in paint!). I care deeply for the artistic process and truly believe that art has a healing power all its own, so in my classroom we are always creating beautiful things. 

This year our passion for creating during this time of giving has culminated in my school participating in a silent art auction with all proceeds being donated to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. I couldn't ask for a more perfect storm of charity and beauty this holiday season. For the event, each classroom is decorating a canvas and teachers are encouraged to do the same.

Naturally, I have chosen to use some beautiful products from Tangie Baxter and Co for my winter wonderland mixed media canvas and I am super stoked to share my piece with you today. 


  • Art Journal Caravan™ 2013 {December Collection} by Tangie Baxter
  • Acrylic paint & brushes
  • Anything to create texture (I used bubble wrap and tulle)
  • Embellishments (I used wooden ornaments and gems)
  • A canvas (watch for sales and coupons at your local craft store)
  • Adhesives (I used a satin glue and adhesive dots

Staring down a blank canvas can be a daunting task, but rest assured, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to art. If you make a mistake... there are no mistakes! 

In this case I knew I wanted to create something winter themed, so I started by downloading the December collection and looking through the goodies. I was immediately drawn to the hexagons and the faded musical note paper. Once I knew which direction I was headed it was time to start creating my base. Bring on the paint!

I wasn't going for a uniform look, so I used a bunch of different brushes and rollers and shades to create a fun texture. I mixed my azure blue with white to create a few different variations of the same color. Not seeking perfection here, just a good base to jump off from. Next, I started working in Tangie's digital products and adding more texture.

First, I printed out the products I wanted to use and positioned them on the canvas using a basic decoupage technique (read more about my latest foray into the world of decoupage). Next, I painted up some bubble wrap and ripped up some extra tulle, just for funsies! Ah yes, now we have a lovely balanced and textured base to start embellishing.

I found some pretty wooden snowflake ornaments at my local craft store that I knew would work perfectly on this project. I also picked up some felt table scatter and gems to give the project a little sparkle. 

In the next step I admittedly bit off more than I could chew. With the gorgeous elements and papers I printed from the December Collection I attempted to transfer the images onto the wooden snowflakes. I watched some internet videos and it seemed like a pretty simple process, only I did not take into account that I wasn't dealing with a simple block of wood on which to transfer the image, but an intricately designed snowflake. 

On the bright side, the process wasn't a complete failure. I was able to transfer a few image on to the less ornate ornaments, though in the end I'm not sure the effect was worth the effort this time around. Lesson learned: Keep it simple!

Lastly, I attached the embellishments with adhesive dots, popped on a few gems, and there she is: a unique mixed media three dimensional winter wonderland canvas!

I cannot wait to see what the other teachers come up with, their creativity never ceases to inspire me. What winter decorations have you created this year? Share with us in the comments.

[posted by Karli-Marie]