Wizarding Artist Society

The officially fictional imaginative study and observation of the extraordinarily magical world.


Get together in a monthly online art party [aka Chapter Meeting] to observe, imagine and create fantastical art inspired by the magical world. We welcome all ages and levels with open arms to our chapter meetings.


Monthly Chapter Meetings Include:

  • A Three Hour online Art Party via Zoom
  • Two lessons featuring watercolor and/or mixed-media (With Professor Tangerina &/or various guest artists)
  • At least 3-5 printables [Mix of handouts, Collage Sheets or Stickers]
  • Everything is downloadable (even the videos)
  • Other bonuses and surprises


Art Supplies Needed* 

  • Watercolors & Brushes
  • Waterproof Pen(s)
  • Pencils (Regular, Colored and (optional) Watercolor)
  • Variety of Pens
  • Watercolor Journal or Paper (project journal instruction provided in class if you'd like to use our style journals)

(*These are the basic minimums, a detailed list will be available in the classroom)



Q: Who is this for?
 Anyone who LOVES pottering around the magical wizarding world, learning all of its secrets, diving headfirst into the magic of created stories. And of course, anyone who delights in knowing the biggest secret of all...a paintbrush is a magic wand! We welcome all ages and all skill levels with open arms.

Q. What Day are the monthly art parties held on?
A. We try to do it on the 4th Friday of the month, but it can/will vary please see our current live stream schedule for the next date.

Q. I can't attend the art party "live" do you record it?
A. We absolutely do! You can watch the video replay with your password any time you wish. You can even download the videos too!

Q: What if I join in the middle of the month?
Don't worry you get all the goodies for the month of your first payment and then the goodies for every month you are a member after! The longer you are a member, the more monthly lessons and art you can collect!

Q: What happens if I want to cancel? (And is there a time commitment?)
 Oh my, we'll be sad to see you go! But we do understand. Canceling is EASY just click on "my account" in the classroom and hit the cancel button. Also, there is no time commitment or contract, stay a month and play or stay forever! If you do cancel you will be removed from the Wizarding Artist Society within 24 hours since your membership is not based on a number of days because you get INSTANT ACCESS to all those goodies. So make sure you download everything before canceling.

Q: Can I use PayPal instead?
A. We highly encourage you to use the system software we have set up through the classroom (it's highly encrypted and safe through Stripe, we never ever see your payment information) and it also makes it easier for you to manage your account. If have an extenuating circumstance we can setup a special PayPal subscription link for you, just email us.

Q: I have a question not listed here?
A: We'd love to help you out, just email us artjournalingthemagic@gmail.com!




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