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TB& CO - Collage Sheet Easter Baskets April 08 2017, 1 Comment

Hello, I'm Katrina Rollings and I am part of Tangie's Creative Crew.

As Easter is just around the corner now I have a cute little Easter project for you.  Easter baskets.

These baskets are so easy to make.  They would make lovely Easter gifts filled with your favourite sweet treat, mine as you can see is Cadbury Creme Eggs®!!  They would also be a great little project to make with children, they are that easy.

Here is how you make them:

To start with you need some pretty card to make your baskets from.  I printed Tangie's ARTist Collage Sheet #763 and ARTist Collage Sheet #779 onto printable card.

"ARTist Collage Sheet #763"

ARTist Collage Sheet #763

"ARTist Collage Sheet #779"

ARTist Collage Sheet #779

I also printed out ARTist Collage Sheet #904. This has lots of pretty coloured eggs and sweet chicks to cut out and decorate your baskets with.

"ARTist Collage Sheet #904"

ARTist Collage Sheet #904
From the background card you need to cut a 6"x 6" square and a thin strip for your handle.

Then cut and fold your card as in the diagram below. Fold your fold lines first, then cut the cut lines.

Once you have your basket scored and cut, fold all the lines.

If you like the inked edge look do that now.  You can do it with an ink pad , using a sponge to take the ink from the ink pad and apply to the card edges.  Never ink the edges straight from your ink pad, if you have ever had a paper cut you will know how sharp paper and card edges are.  The paper edges will cut your ink pad as easily as your finger and will eventually ruin the pad. 

If you don't have an ink pad the right colour you can use a felt tip pen.  Run the side of the nib along the edge of your card, just be aware it could cut into the nib, so don't use your expensive pens.

Now, there are two ways you can fold you baskets up.  You can either have the square piece at the front

 Or you can have the square at the back.

You can choose the way you like best.

There are also choices as to how you secure your basket.  If you have some brads, also known as split pins, you can punch or poke a hole through all the layers and the end of you handle and attach them all together with the brad on the front and then the same at the back.

Or you can just use glue or double sided tape to attach all the layers to each other as well as the handle of course.

I added some of the eggs and a little chick from Tangie's ARTist Collage Sheet #904 to my flower basket but decided to leave my butterfly basket as it is.

To fill the baskets I cut thin strips of tissue paper and then scrunched it up a bit. Placed some in each basket and popped in a creme egg.

Of course you can add what ever you wish. 

These baskets can be scaled up easily to a 9" square to begin with and  then score 3" squares instead of 2" as we did here.

Which ever size you make I hope you have lots of fun with these baskets. They really are quick and easy to make but will wow your friends and family.

Oh look, there is a cream egg without a basket!!! Shame to waste it........

So I'm off to pop the kettle on and eat my cream egg with a nice cup of tea.

Have a wonderful Easter, I hope the weather is as beautiful with you as it is here in the South West of England today.

Join me again soon for another mixed media project.
                                                                      Love Katrina
[Posted by: Katrina Rollings]

Art Journal Emporium Alchemy Worksheet Inspiration April 03 2017, 0 Comments

This year in the Art Journal Emporium, Tangie is providing us with weekly Alchemy Worksheets to help us find deeper meaning in our art and in our life.

One of my favorite things to create in Photoshop is a digital collage.  First of all I figure out a way to use the worksheets and extra elements to create an art piece.  Then I looked for a quote that fits the art piece.  The best way to do this is to not think too hard and just use elements that speak to me.

The first piece I would like to share with you is called “Under The Sea.”  I used a worksheet and extra element from week 9 and the dolphin from week 12.  I had to crop and clear to get only the images I wanted to use.  Then I colored the dolphins and text.

The next piece is called “Irish Paths”  Since St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated in March, I wanted something Irish.  The quote is one of my favorite Irish blessings.  I used a worksheet from week 11, horse with flowers from week 10 and horse and carriage silhouette from week 12. I had to crop the worksheet to make the lady appear larger and also cropped a flower from the horse with flowers to add some flowers to the hillside.

I hope these pieces help to inspire you to try using the worksheets and extra elements to create your own unique art pieces.

[Posted by: Jan Nicholas]


Scrapaneers Live! Presents ARTISTRY - Last Chance to Save $40 March 30 2017, 0 Comments


Six INCREDIBLE instructors. Six FABULOUS  classes. Tons of ARTSY techniques. All online. And you can be part of it!

SIGN-UP BY March 31, 2017 AND SAVE $40!

Scrapaneers LIVE!, the only two-day event featuring real techniques for building better digital scrapbooking pages quicker and easier. We jam pack technique after technique into exciting, super-charged learning!

For LIVE! Artistry, you'll discover six top-notch digital scrapbook veterans' go-to artistic techniques for blending, brushwork, masking, painting, abstract, art journaling, compositing and mixed media effects.

This is a sample of the page Tangie will be teaching which can easily be printed as a canvas too (you get ALL the goodies you need to make this including a marvelous set of drippy flower pieces to make a plethora of your own designs!).

A sneak peek at the kit you will receive (not all shown).

Registration includes:

  • Entry to the online event for both days

  • Forever on-demand access to video replays and video downloads

  • Access to each instructor to ask questions during class

Not to mention the Goodies that come with the classes.  All the details can be found here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

[Posted by: Joy]

Art Journal Emporium March Gallery Gems March 28 2017, 0 Comments

Happy Spring, artsy friends! It’s time to share some of the awesomeness that our Emporium members have created during the past month. Let’s go!

First we have Kim’s vibrant piece simply bursting with color. The umbrella toting flower truly made me smile!

Credits: Tangie Baxter’s Art Journal Emporium Alchemy Worksheets and Extras, TB&CO’s March Brush of the Month Club selection, and TB&CO’s The Vault,

Next we have sbpoet’s “Creative Anxiety,” which makes me feel right at home! The planned chaos and textural interest are the perfect forum to remind all of us to have more fun!


Credits: Tangie Baxter’s AJE17 Week5, Compendium No.1 Graffiti Collages & Graphic Brushes.

And finally, Terry G artfully shares with us her muse and best friend Charlie, who seems to be saying, “What makes you happy?”  Great colors too!

Two Questions

Credits: TB&CO’s Splatter Graffiti Bundle and elements from the 2017 Brushes of the Month selections. Fonts are Wanderlust and Comic Sans.

Thank you to Kim, sbpoet and Terry G for sharing these wonderful gems with us! Don’t forget to leave them some love!

Be sure to check out this year’s Art Journal Emporium. There are three ways to join - one could be just right for you!

[Posted by: Glenda]

TB&CO 2017 Brush of the Month Club -March Brushes Available Now! March 16 2017, 0 Comments

Hi, Everyone.  I'm happy to announce the March Brushes are in the TB&CO Shop!

"2017 Brush of the Month Club -March Brushes"

2017 Brush of the Month Club -March Brushes

Here's a lovely page made by our AJE Crew Member Susan McCarley using elements from this month's brushes:

Do you want all 12 Brush of the Month packs for one amazing price? Get these brushes and more in the 2017 Brush of the Month Club.

ARE YOU A MEMBER OF TANGIE'S "ART JOURNAL EMPORIUM"? If you pay monthly for Subscription B or C, these brushes are NOW INCLUDED in your membership! 

[Posted by: Joy] 




Art Journal Emporium - Mixed Media postcards March 13 2017, 1 Comment

Hello, my name is Katrina Rollings and I am a member of the creative crew here.

Today I want to show you my mixed media postcards.  I created them using the postcard blanks we had as part of the number 8 Alchemy worksheets in February's Art Journal Emporium's goodies.  I loved the idea of sending handmade postcards to friends as a surprise.  So here is what I did.

First of all I printed the postcard page onto printable card.  I then resized some of the images we had been given this year as part of the Art Journal Emporium to fit the postcard size and printed them all off.


I then cut the postcards out, leaving a thin border around them.

For one of the postcards I used the self colour page, also from the number 8 set.  I printed it using the draft setting and then glued it to the back of one of my postcards and cut it out.

I then spent a lovely calm half-hour colouring in all the flowers.

To finish off this postcard I added "Hello" using a gold paint pen and added some colour around the edge using one of my Faber-Castell Gelatos®.

For the other two postcards I used one of the Art Journal Emporium's February's collage sheets and images we have received so far this year to create these two postcards.

For this postcard I used the top of a collage sheet from the February set and the lovely bear image from set 4.  I added the quote in black paint pen and more of the Faber-Castell Gelatos® around the edge.

For the third and last postcard and I think my favourite, I used the rest of the February collage sheet I had used on the second postcard, for the background.  I then used another of the February collage sheets, the one with the face on.  I reduced it to just over 4 inches high so it would fit the postcard before I printed it out.

Again I used one of my Faber-Castell Gelatos® to add some colour and a black paint pen for the quote.  A piece of thin washi tape along the top and it was finished. 

I think it would be a good idea to seal these before they go through the post, they are only inkjet prints. Perhaps a coat of spray varnish?

I have a product called MicroGlaze by Judikins. It's a paper protector that you apply sparingly with your finger and it gives your paper a waterproof coating. I have had it for years but I think it's still available.  If not, then perhaps pop them in an envelope, just to protect them. Especially here in the U.K. where it rains quite a bit at the moment, as we are coming into spring.

I hope you enjoyed my project and will have a go yourself.  Now who to send them too.................?

I hope to see you again next month for another mixed media project. If you have any questions about the project I'd be happy to help, just pop them below.

 So until next time, take care, love Katrina x

[Posted by: Katrina]



LIVE! Artistry Registration is Open! March 06 2017, 0 Comments

Live! Artistry is now open for registration!  An online live digital scrapbook event being presented by Scrapaneers.  There are six instructors presenting six different style classes and Tangie is one of the instructors!  

They are offering early bird registration now through March 13, 2017 so don't hesitate!  

Check out Scrapaneers for all the details and to pre-register. Oh and no worries if you can't make the live event.  The classes will be recorded and available to watch on demand.

[Posted by: Joy]

Art Journal Emporium Gallery Gems March 01 2017, 0 Comments

Hello artsy peeps!  Susan here to share some gallery goodness from the Art Journal Emporium for the month of February.  Let's get started with today's Gallery Gems.  

First up is this bold colorful page by Jennifer.  Lovely blending and great use of color.

Credits: Art Journal Emporium February 2017 No.5 Worksheets and all products used are by Tangie Baxter.

Our next gallery gem is by Karen and her page is pretty much on point.    

Credits: Art Journal Emporium February 2017 No.6 Worksheets 

Check out this wonderful page by Terry G.  Great job extracting all the photos.

Credits:  Art Journal Emporium February 2017 Week No. 5 Worksheets and various collections from The Vault.

Our last bit of goodness for today is this bold bright collage by Bill.

Credits: Art Journal Emporium February 2017 Week No. 6 Worksheets

A big Thank you to  Jennifer, Karen, Terry and Bill for sharing their amazing creations with us! Don’t forget to leave them some love!

Be sure to check out this year’s Art Journal Emporium. There are three ways to join - one could be just right for you!

[Posted by: Susan]


This Week on Tangie Baxter's Instagram February 25 2017, 0 Comments

Hi, Everyone.  Welcome to the weekend!

Today we are featuring photos from Tangie's Instagram Feed:

Tangie has a new class: "Explorations in Watercolor Online Class".   How fun to spend the weekend with Tangie exploring and playing with watercolors!

Explorations in Watercolor Online Class

Have a wonderful weekend!

[Posted by: Joy] 


TB&CO New Items for February February 17 2017, 0 Comments

Happy Friday!

Today we are featuring items that are new to the TB&CO shop this month.

"2017 Brush of the Month Club - February Brushes"

2017 Brush of the Month Club - February Brushes

Do you want all 12 Brush of the Month packs for one amazing price? Get these brushes and more in the 2017 Brush of the Month Club.

ARE YOU A MEMBER OF TANGIE'S "ART JOURNAL EMPORIUM"? If you pay monthly for Subscription B or C, these brushes are NOW INCLUDED in your membership! 

"The Artist's Compendium No. 1"

The Artist's Compendium No. 1

"**NEW** The Artist's Compendium No. 2"

**NEW** The Artist's Compendium No. 2

And don't forget Tangie has released a NEW watercolor online class!  It just started on February 15, 2017 so why not join in and spend the weekend with Tangie exploring and playing with watercolors!

"**NEW** Explorations in Watercolor Online Class"

**NEW** Explorations in Watercolor Online Class

 Have a wonderful weekend!

[Posted by: Joy]