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A Beginner's Guide to Art Journaling, What is Art Journaling by Tangie Baxter

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Learning to enjoy the process of being creative is the focus of the Art Journal Emporium. We encourage you to face any fears you may have about creativity (including lack of time or talent) and then allow yourself to jump in and create something visual. This process helps you move from the left side of your brain (which loves: analytics, sequences, facts and words) to the right side of your brain (which houses: intuition, daydreaming & feelings). It allows our minds (and our hearts) to unfold, unwind, and let go of all that our current society is fixated on telling us is "important".

Sometimes we are afraid that our art will be ugly, or unproductive, or stressful, we may even say "I'm not creative". Those are all figments of the left brain's programming, thoughts that keep us stuck and frustrated without knowing why. However, if you are brave enough to try, if you can muster up the courage to face down those first few blank pages, embrace your divine gift of creativity (even if you can't feel it right now) and then move forward with tenacity (even just a few minutes a day), you will find something incredible (and deeply personal) waiting for you on the other side.

I know that this practice heals my soul. It has provided me with countless solutions and truly helps me be a better wife, mother, and human.  I invite you to join us on the adventure to the "right side" of our brains, where amazing things come to life. 


  • Personal access to our easy-to-use online classroom and optional participation in our artist community.
  • Each month you receive 2 art journal projects with video & prompts (these will mostly be digital but will include mixed-media adaptation ideas)
  • Each month you receive 2 digital art journal products that you can download (you can print them if you are a mixed-media artist or use them in a computer program of your choice)
  • Each month you receive 5 digital collage sheets ready for you to print. Cut them up and use them as artwork in your art journals (or you can use them digitally too). 
  • Other exciting surprises along the way!

Art Journal Emporium Workshop by Tangie Baxter @ TB&CO

  • Beginners to advanced artists who want to learn more about Art Journaling
  • Anyone who has ever lost their "muse" or suffers from "creative block"
  • Those who love being creative, but need a "place to get started" such as images & prompts
  • Those who are afraid to call themselves artists, but have the desire to be one, believing (or at least wanting to believe) that creativity is a way to find a deeper connection to life
  • Those who are wanting to overcome "perfectionism" in their art so they can enjoy the process instead (learning to push through left brain thinking to the "right side")
  • Those who want something new to explore or a reason to play
  • Anyone who wants to cultivate a habit of 15 minutes a day of creative play

If one or more of these resonate with you, the Emporium is the place to be to discover the artist within in you!

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Art Journal Emporium Workshop by Tangie Baxter @ TB&CO

Art Journal Emporium Workshop by Tangie Baxter @ TB&CO


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