What is Art Journaling?


What is Art Journaling? How to get started in Art Journaling by Tangie Baxter @ ShopTangieBaxter.com

You can download "A Beginner's Guide to Art Journaling" about mid-page.

What is Art Journaling?

Simply put, Art Journaling is a visual diary--it's record keeping combined with creativity! It’s a place to record your thoughts, memories, and emotions through images, art and words. The number one rule about Art Journaling is that…there are NO rules.

What is Art Journaling? Art Journal Samples by Tangie Baxter at TB&CO


Glossary of Terms

They say that every great adventure begins with an understanding of the language.
Here are a few basic terms you're going to want to know (in alphabetical order):

  • Art Journal=A personal journal (or book) filled with any combination of art, imagery and words
  • Art Journal Emporium=Our online workshop & classroom where we share ideas and tutorials on how to art journal
  • Collage Sheet=An 8.5"x11" printable paper or "sheet" that has images you can cut out and glue in your journal
  • Digital Art Journaling=Using a computer program like Photoshop to create journal pages
  • Digital Goods/Supplies=These are individual art files that come in .zip folders (not in printable sheets). They require a basic understanding of a program like Word or Photoshop to use and/or print
  • Hybrid Art Journaling=Combines digital and mixed-media together
  • Mixed-Media Art Journaling=Using physical paper and tangible art supplies to create journal pages

What is Art Journaling? Art Journal Samples by Tangie Baxter at TB&CO


The "container" for your art journal can be ANY book you have on hand (I've even art journaled in old textbooks). Here are just a few samples to give you an idea of what you could use. On the inside pages you can use any supplies you have (markers, children's watercolors, masking tape, colored pens). If you are a digital artist you can use your computer to create pages and then get them printed.


Art journaling allows us access to new knowledge and understanding about our feelings and the type of person that we are. Combining art with keeping a journal doesn't have to be complicated, by taking time to art journal (just 15 minutes a day or even just an hour a week) your life will be enriched abundantly. Art journaling creates a deeper sense of self-awareness, empowers us, inspires us, encourages us, and can move us in powerful ways. 

A few of the many benefits of art journaling:

  • Eases the stresses of life by getting the chaos inside our heads down on paper
  • Allows us time in the "right side" of our brain, where creativity reigns supreme and problems are more easily solved.
  • The artsy stuff makes every day different, which keeps us motivated to record our stories, feelings, and ideas.
  • We can "see" our own thoughts. Sometimes, when we read back what we've read, we'll gain instant insight as to what we need to do to move forward in a particular situation.
  • It's a creative outlet, but it's also a very productive one, journaling is a very important part of the human experience.
  • Helps us learn to enjoy the process of creativity instead of stressing over the outcome.

What is Art Journaling? Art Journal Samples by Tangie Baxter at TB&CO


What you will say next

Now, trust me,  I know exactly what you are going to say next: "But I'm not an Artist!" (I used to say it myself so many times). I've been doing this almost 10 years now, so I've heard hundreds (if not thousands) of people speak these words without hesitation, as an instant reflex to the idea of art journaling.


I'm not an artist! (Oh, but you are!)

We believe that everyone has a reservoir of creative energy just waiting for permission to be used! True, you may not be selling your artwork at a gallery anytime soon, but that is NOT what art journaling is all about! This is purely for you to explore more about yourself and the world around you. It is learning to enjoy the process of creativity and not being fixed on the end results. I'll let you in on a little secret, I have awesome superpowers and I can prove that you are an artist right here and now. Do you know how to write? Writing is simply practicing artistic shapes over and over and over again until you had them memorized. See? You are an artist! Creativity is a muscle that needs to be flexed and used to grow and flourish to its full potential. I know that deep down inside you there is an artist just waiting to come out and play, won't you let her out? 

Permission to begin Art Journaling and the Courage to Try!

What is Art Journaling? Art Journal Samples by Tangie Baxter at TB&CO

 The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. Aristotle at Tangie Baxter and Co Art Journaling


As we showed you above, an art journal can be as simple as a composition notebook (or a few papers folded together) and a pencil. This truly is all you need to get started. Of course, you can make it as fancy as you wish, there is an unlimited amount of art materials on the mixed-media market today. The important thing is to just start somewhere and not get caught up in too many details! Remember, there are no rules and part of the journey is finding your style.  

All you need to get started art journaling at TB&CO

 If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. Vincent Van Gogh Art Journaling at Tangie Baxter and Co

 What is Art Journaling? Art Journal Samples by Tangie Baxter at TB&CO

Download Tangie's free zine "A Beginner's Guide to Art Journaling" at ShopTangieBaxter.com

Download Tangie's free zine "A Beginner's Guide to Art Journaling" at ShopTangieBaxter.com

 Would you rather download a .zip file? You can do that [here].


You honestly don't need very much to begin, but if you'd like to know my top 10 favorite supplies (including journals) here they are:

  1. Handmade journals by Dave, he is truly one of the best in the industry, and I'm not just saying that because he's my hubby (his starter journals are fabulous for beginners)
  2. Caran d'Ache NeoColor II's (don't buy "generic" versions, I've tried them all and they are terrible)
  3. Watercolors any variety will do (the more expensive, the better the pigment though)
  4. Signo Black Broad Point Gel imported from Japan
  5. Signo White Broad Point Gel imported from Japan
  6. UHU Glue Sticks I like the purple ones so I can see where the glue is going
  7. MT Washi Tape (not all "washi" tape is created equal, this is the real deal)
  8. Glitter Glue (I love glitter in my journals)
  9. Collage Sheets by Me (Yes, I really do use these all the time)
  10. Dylusions Creative Journal, if you can't get a handmade journal right now, this would be my second choice

What is Art Journaling by Tangie Baxter @ TB&CO ShopTangieBaxter.com

Now that you have an idea of where to start, you should join us in the Emporium, where we welcome beginners with open arms! You can find all the amazing details of the Art Journal Emporium [here].

Art Journal Emporium Workshop by Tangie Baxter @ TB&CO ShopTangieBaxter.com