Art Journal Emporium Mixed Media Project: When the Printer's down, Reach for the Glue Book! July 05 2018, 0 Comments

Hi, I’m Katrina Rollings and I am part of Tangie's Creative Crew.  Each month I write a mixed media blog post to give you ideas for using Tangie's kits and collage sheets.

This month though, I had a slight problem, my printer was down and I had no way to print out the pages I wanted to use. 

So I turned to my drawer full of collage pieces that didn’t make it into the art journal page they were printed out for.  I can never bring myself to throw them away!

I hadn’t made a glue book page for a while so that’s what I decided to do.

Glue book page

I have made a video to show you how I did it

My Glue Book is an old book I took all of the pages out of and replaced them with pages of watercolour paper.  It sounds difficult but it really isn’t. There are lots of YouTube videos around that will show you how.

Of course you can use any book you wish as there are absolutely no “must do’s” or “must haves” when it comes to Glue Books or Art journaling despite what some craft product company’s would have you believe.  As long as you enjoy the process and like the end result that is what matters.

Everyone makes up their pages differently, but this is the way I go about designing my pages.  I start by covering up the whole page with different pieces of background papers and larger collage pieces.

Once I have the base layer I look for a piece that can be my focal image. Then I find some smaller pieces that compliment the larger image. I like to play around with the design a bit before I glue them all down.

I decide at the beginning of my book that I would only use paper and glue but you don’t have to do it that way, you might like to use markers, watercolours, coloured pencils, anything you like!  I do like text on my pages though and tend to add my words last.

I hope you have a go with a Glue book, they are great for a quick arty fix and perfect to take on holiday too.  You just add some collage pieces and a glue stick and you are good to go.  It’s nice to add some bits from your holiday into your holiday pages.  Perhaps a ticket, images from a leaflet or even pressed flowers.

Enjoy the video, it’s my very first one so I hope you like it.

If you do make a Glue book I would love to see the pages you make, why not post them on out Facebook page!

Until next time, take care,

Love Katrina x 

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