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Hi, my name is Katrina Rollings and I am part of Tangie's Creative Crew. Each month I bring you some mixed media inspiration for using Tangie's products.

I am what you could call seriously addicted to crafting.  I can barely go a few days without having to doing something creative, I know, I've got it bad!  So when we go off on holiday I have to take a project with me to work on.  I have a little book I use as a take away art journal.  I take it along with some leftover scraps of paper and odd bits of leftover collage sheets.  I add glue and scissors, a set of water soluble crayons and a black pen and paintbrush and I'm happy playing away when we get back from our hikes or days out.

Then Tangie came up with her "Mini Zines" (part of the Loyalty Rewards included in the Art Journal Emporium) made from a sheet of A4 paper, which I loved to make.  That got me thinking, if I made one out of an A3 sheet of watercolour paper it would make a perfect sized little book, slightly bigger than the original and perfect to play with on holiday.  My first book was a Wise Woman themed book I did while we were on holiday in the mountains in Söll, Austria in June.  The region has a Witchy theme, they are thought to bring luck in Austria.

Last week we were on holiday in Vienna Austria and as I am a huge fan of the film "The Third Man " which is famously set in Vienna, I chose that as my theme this time.

This is the story of that book and what I took with me to create it.

Before I went on holiday I prepared my book by folding and cutting the paper.  I also painted the background using my Gelli® plate.

I made myself a stamp using a scrap of cardboard for the base and then cut brick shaped pieces out of Funky Foam which I stuck to the base in the form of a wall.  I was amazed how well the background came out!

I use my Gelli® plate to paint the hole sheet flat then folded the book up.  I then added some edging with the same paint to the individual pages.

What to take with me is always difficult, you also have to think about what you are allowed to take, especially if you are flying, as we were.  So I had a pack for the hand luggage and then a pack for the hold luggage.  The reason I split them was weight, the budget airlines are red hot on weight of your hold luggage, so I put the heavy thing in the hand luggage which has no weight limit.  I was not able to put the scissors or glue or even my water brushes in the hand luggage as they would not have got through security.  They were ok in the hold luggage though.  Just be sure of what you can or can't take with you, it seems to vary so much from airline to airline and country to country too.  It would be horrible to have your beloved and often expensive scissors taken off you at security, so be sure to check.

I took the following (just between you and I, I only used half of the pens in the end but don't tell my hubby).

I just worked on the book in the evening or after we got back to the hotel in the afternoon. We took my almost finished book out to the Prater park in Vienna to photograph it in the sunshine.  For those of you who know the film you will recognize it as it makes quite an impact in the film. Thanks to my dear hubby for his help in holding my book for me.

The cover, I made a stencil out if one of the die cuts that I cut on my Silhouette CAMEO® machine.  I used acrylic paint through it.  I just added some of the Tim Holtz®Washi Tape and used a black pen for the lettering.


The first two pages show Vienna, which is the back drop of the film and one of the main characters, Harry Lime, played in the film by Orson Wells.


Pages 3 and 4 show the heroine Anna Schmidt, who is in love with Harry Lime.  Played in the film by Alda Valli.  Holly Martins, played by Joseph Cotten, is Harry Limes's childhood friend and an author.  He has been promised a job by Harry but when he arrives in Vienna he finds Harry Lime has disappeared.  Also a very important character in the film, the little cat, who only likes Harry. 

I had so many wonderful stills from the film that I decided to add in an extra page by attaching one of my die cuts with some of the washi tape.  The first page in this photo Show Major Calloway played by Trevor Howard, he is chief of the army police who are looking for Harry Lime.  The extra page was not finished at the time of taking the photo, I finished it on the flight on the way home.  This little boy again has an important part to play in the film.

As you can see by the film still on the right page the wonderful Prater is such an important backdrop for the film. It was one of the first things I wanted to do the first time we visited this beautiful city. It is still the same Prater, almost 200 year old and still looking beautiful against the blue sky.

Then the final back page.  The end of the film takes you into the Vienna sewers, something you can also do on the Third Man tour apparently!

So, there it is, my Third Man Fan book.  If you would like to make books about your favourite films or television programs then Tangie's "FANGIRL! I'll take it all! {Kit & Workshop}" is perfect.

"FANGIRL! I'll take it all! {Kit & Workshop}"

FANGIRL! I'll take it all! {Kit & Workshop}

I have taken the class myself and loved it. It's a great way to celebrate your love of a film or a TV program, with lots of tips and ideas as well as a purpose made digital kit for the Fangirl class too.

For this little book I used Tangies "Read all about it " kit available in "The Vault "

"The Vault"

The Vault

Before I go though I thought you might like to see the Prater without my book in front of it:

Vienna is such a beautiful city to visit if you ever get a chance.  This was our third visit in 18 months and we are thinking about the next one already.

If you haven't seen "The Third Man " I can thoroughly recommend that too.

I would love to know if you too take your art on holiday with you and what you take with you?

Well, until next month when I will be back again with more mixed media inspiration, take care,

                                            Love Katrina

[Posted by: Katrina Rollins]