TB&CO Treasures - The Tangible Plans™ Goodness Continues January 25 2017, 0 Comments

Welcome to our TB&CO Treasure Featured Items this week!

The TB&CO Treasures Collection features some of our all-time favorite products each week. The ones that you may not have seen before, or maybe they've been on your wish list for a while? These kits and workshops are too good not to share again, so we're highlighting a few of our staff's picks every Wednesday. The really exciting part is that you can shop each week's selections for 50% OFF the original price! Just use coupon code Treasures50 at checkout. 

Here is a peek at this week's featured items: 

"Tangible Plans™ {Add On No. 002}"

Tangible Plans™ {Add On No. 002}

"Tangible Plans™ {Add On No. 003}"

Tangible Plans™ {Add On No. 003}

"Tangible Plans™ {Add On No. 004}"

Tangible Plans™ {Add On No. 004}

"Tangible Plans™ {Add On No. 005}"

Tangible Plans™ {Add On No. 005}

"Tangible Plans™ {Add On No. 006}"

Tangible Plans™ {Add On No. 006}

"Tangible Plans™ {Add On No. 007}"

Tangible Plans™ {Add On No. 007}

"Tangible Plans™ {Add On No. 009}"

Tangible Plans™ {Add On No. 009}

"Tangible Plans™ Half Sheets Magic Dashboards"

Tangible Plans™ Half Sheets Magic Dashboards

"UP Course No. 01 {Creating Vision Boards}"

UP Course No. 01 {Creating Vision Boards}

Be sure to check back every Wednesday for a new selection!  You can always find the Treasures Collection using our "Shop All" button on the store menu.  

There are still more planner kits available under "Tangible Plans™".  And even though Tangie's not doing a 2017 Tangible Plans™ class this year, the 2016's is still packed with amazing goodness if you haven't taken it yet.

"Tangible Plans™ 2016 "How To" Workshop & Exclusive 2016 Packages"

Tangible Plans™ 2016 "How To" Workshop & Exclusive 2016 Packages

Happy Planning!

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