September Grab Bag Now Available! Get it now for the best deal! September 03 2016, 0 Comments

Hi, Everyone!  Welcome to the Weekend!  And what's a better way to enjoy the weekend than with the newest grab bag release from TB&CO.

September's Grab Bag has been released.  Sneak peek pictured below.

*TB&CO Grab Bag #25 **$6 for 24 Hours Only!*

TB&CO Grab Bags are available on a sliding scale so act fast for the best deal!  If you are FAST you can get the grab bag for only $6 the first 24 hours. 

The grab bag then goes up by $1 each day.
$7 the next day (we will reveal full previews on this day)

$8 the next day 
$9 the next day
$10 the next day 

Then it will be broken up into our individual stores for FULL PRICE.  Never miss another grab bag at the $6 price!  You can purchase a subscription, where you automatically get the grab bag every month at the $6 price! (If you purchase a new subscription which includes grab bags any time in September 2016 you will get the September 2016 grab bag even if it is no longer available to the public!)

[Posted by Joy]