Our Newest Adventure! The Art Journal Caravan Live in 2017! August 12 2016, 29 Comments

Art Journal Caravan Live

The rumors are indeed true! Dave and I are going on an epic adventure in 2017! We're leaving our home of the last 7 years, selling just about everything we own and heading out to meet YOU! We're going to be traveling, teaching workshops, planning meetups, leaving art for people to find and generally just going to live life to the fullest. We are so incredibly excited about the expedition and hope that you'll check out our new website (make sure you sign up for the newsletter so you can get all the adventure updates). 

We'd love to know where you live so comment below, we're planning on making so many new friends (we'll give you details about that as we work them out)! 

In the meantime I'm making some HUGE changes here at TB&CO and I actually can't tell you about them all yet, it's a big secret! But, part of these changes means that I'm going to do something I've never done before! I'm having a "Buy My Store" promotion that will last a few weeks! In the past it's been limited to 10 people and it usually sold out within the first 24 hours. This time I want to make sure everyone has a chance! You will get an AMAZING amount of digital goodies (YAY!) and you'll also be helping us get our new home/studio on wheels so we can get out there and bring workshops to a city near you! 

There are two options to choose from. This special promotion will be available at least until August 31st. 

Essentials is for those of you who want all the collage sheets, kits and other digital goods but aren't interested in taking classes. This option is $100 (see details in the store). 

Tangie Baxter buy my store the whole shebang!

The WHOLE SHEBANG is for those of you who want it ALL! Classes, The Vault, collage sheets, kits, brushes, printables, well...everything! This option is $200 (see details in the store).

I hope to "see" you soon!