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Hello, my name is Katrina and I am a member of Tangie’s Creative Crew.  Each month I create a mixed media project using Tangie’s wonderful products.

This month I am using the beautiful Artist sheets included in the May deliveries with an Art Journal Emporium subscription.  If you are not a member it is worth checking it out.

I decided to make a mini journal, I thought this was a cute little project you could make as a card for someone or could take on holiday with you to play with or even, like I did sit in the garden and make as it is small enough to fit on a lap tray or garden table.

To begin, I printed the Artist sheets out.  Mine are printed on the half page setting on my printer, so I got 2 Artist sheets per A4 sheet. This made them a better size to fit the little journal

To make the journal itself I cut an A4 sheet of white card in half long ways and then folded it into 4 sections.

I then covered it with colour.  You can use what ever you want to really, even a couple of the Artist Sheets themselves would make beautiful backgrounds but I chose to use my watercolours today.

I just tried to use colours which would compliment the Artist Sheets.  It looks like an awful lot of watercolours there!!  The Prima set on the left and the set on the right are sets I bought at a European chain of supermarkets called Lidl.  They are famous for bargain prices here in the U.K. and their non food products that change every week.  Here Supermarkets still only sell mainly food.  Lidl have art and Craft weeks and I got a large set of tube watercolours which I decanted into empty pans I bought online. Wow, the things you learn through crafting 😊. 

The point I was trying to get to is that they are not expensive paints.

I did also do the back using some powdered watercolours called Brushos, I will show you that side at the end.

Next I sat in the sun in the garden and cut some of the flowers and birds out of the Artist sheets.

I played around with the collage pieces untill I was happy.  Then I glued them down.

As you can see I changed the design slightly, wasn’t sure of the birds.  So I am afraid they flew away.

Then I just added some more colour around the flowers using my crayons and liquid watercolour.

I searched online for a nice quote and wrote it on the journal, running through both sides.

The other side had a much darker pallet but still looked good with the darker Artist Sheets.

So I continued the quote on this side to make it a two sided journal.

Of course this type of mini journal would work with any theme you wish to use and is a nice little project to work on.

It would be perfect if you want to try mixed media art journaling but only have limited resources.

What ever you do with your mini journal I would love to see them. Why not put them up on our Facebook group!

If you have any questions about the project I am happy to answer them.

Well that’s it for now, join me again next month for another Mixied Media project.

Love Katrina

[Posted by: Katrina Rollings]