July Grab Bag Not Just For Digital July 18 2016, 1 Comment

I was so inspired by the words for this month’s TB& CO Grab Bag - rejuvenation, serenity, sanctuary and along with Rebecca McMeen’s Art Doll Mendi.  I just knew that the colors had to be purple (magic) and complementary color yellow (energy).  There is something magical about rejuvenation and renewal, but to achieve this we need the energy to attain that serene state.

{Tangie Bundle No. 23} Rejuvenate

{Rebecca Bundle No. 23} Mendi

First of all, I used the art doll Mendi and one of the collars from Rebecca’s portion of the Grab Bag.

Then I created a background of complementary colors purple and yellow.  I used gelli plate prints but a paint brush or credit card application of a thick layer of both colors would also work.

I cut out and glued the Mendi Art Doll onto the background.  Applied a layer of clear gesso to the Art Doll.

Using a white ink pen, I drew flowers and vines around the Art Doll, enhanced the Art Doll so that eyes, lips and hair stand out; added a neck ornament and lace at neckline.

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[Posted by:Jan Nicholas]