Midnight Mischief Halloween Zine October 16 2018, 19 Comments

Hello. My name is Katrina and I am a member of Tangie's Creative Crew.

I love making art for this time of year and Tangie has so many wonderful Halloween kits and collage sheets to make that easy.

A couple of years ago Tangie introduced us all to these wonderful little Zines. Made from one sheet of paper and simply folded into a little book.

Now, I love making books of all shapes and sizes and I instantly fell in love with this one. I have made lots of different ones, all different sizes, the size of paper you begin with will determine the size of the finished book, and subjects. I love to take a folded zine and collage pieces on holiday with me, add a few art supplies and they are perfect for arting on the go!

Today’s zine though is of course a Halloween themed one. I have found a traditional Halloween rhyme that I liked and ran that throughout the little book illustrating it as I went.

This is how I went about it.

First I chose my paper size, this was an A4 sheet of white card which I folded as you can see.

Once you have folded it into 8 you need to cut along the middle fold line from the end of section 1 to the beginning of section 4. [Check out this blog post for a video on folding the Zines]

You can then decorate and colour to your hearts content! Until you get the look you want. If you want definite decorations in certain parts of your book then I would wait until it is folded up so they are where you want them to be and not upside down.

Fold your little book up by folding in half horizontally and pulling the two sections you cut along the fold of out into a cross shape.

The book will then sort of tell you which are your covers by the way it falls, so just go with it.

Now it’s time to illustrate it. 

I used the Midnight Mischief kit and Halloween Mischief from the ATC super bundle for my book. 

I chose the images that fitted my rhythm and then resized them in a photo editing program and formed them into collage sheets I can print out and cut up. I always do too many images but I like to play around with them until I am happy with the look.

I then glued them into my book and divided my rhythm between the pages that I hand lettered.

Here is my finished book -

For the cover I used my white pen to outline the images and a glitter pen to add a but if sparkle!

I hope you like my little book. This would be a great project to do with the children, great for Halloween parties perhaps?

What ever you are doing for Halloween have fun and stay safe.

Love, Katrina.

Midnight Mischief {Bundle}

Midnight Mischief {Bundle}

Artist Trading Cards Super Saver {Bundle No. 3}

Artist Trading Cards Super Saver {Bundle No. 3}