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Hello, I’m Katrina Rollings and I am here to show you my Project for October, of course it had to be a Halloween project!

So here she is, my hanging witch decoration.

Halloween hanging witch decoration

She is made using card, paper, paint and glitter.  Any of Tangie's Halloween kits would be ideal for her, I used Tangie's Spooky Hollow backdrop papers for my witch. They are available in The Vault.

"The Vault"

The Vault

  As well as your card and papers you will also need -

                   * Wet glue to stick her all together

                   * A hot glue gun to make the broomstick 

You will need to print out your chosen papers as well as the template I have made for you that you can find below.  Also any collage pieces you would like to use.  You will also need to find her a face.

 Print this template out in A4.

Use my template to cut out each piece of your witch 4 times, except the arms, boots and buckle.  The arms and boots only need to be cut out twice and the buckle once.  You need to cut out so many in order to build them up on top of each other to make her nice and sturdy.

Once you have all your pieces cut out you can begin to cover them. I like to cover the back as well as the front so she looks nice and neat when she is finished.

The arms and neck pieces I painted with a flesh coloured paint.  For the bat wings I used a black paint. 

I then built up her dress pattern.  I started by covering the whole dress with the orange spiderweb paper and then drew over the spiderweb lines with a clear glitter pen. 

I cut strips of patterned paper and stuck them over the top.  For the orange glitter stripes I applied strips of narrow double sided tape and sprinkled glitter over the top.

To her hat I added a strip of card which I covered in double sided tape and glitter then cut the buckle out in silver paper and glued them both on to the hat.

Her arms I covered with the same stripey paper I had used on her dress to make her sleeves and added little cuffs of the purple star paper.

For her legs I used a stripe paper so they looked like striped stockings and her boots were glittered in the same way as her dress stripes.

To give the bat wings more texture I used a black glitter paste through a spiderweb stencil. Then on reflection I decided to remove part of the wing shape as shown.

Now we have all the pieces ready we can build her up.

I layered up her arms first and stuck them in place on her dress. Only glue the top part of her arm down if you want her to hold her broom.

I then glued the front painted bat wing to one of the plain layers and the back bat wing to the remaining plain layer.  Put the back bat wing piece aside for later.

Glue the front of the dress to one of the plain dress shapes.  Then the back of the dress with the remaining plain layer.  Put the back of the dress aside for later too.

Do the same with the neck and the face.

Glue the wings in place over the top of the arms onto the dress.

Glue the neck to the face and then glue them in place on the back of the dress as shown in the picture.

To make my witch even stronger I glued a wooden coffee stirrer in place as shown and then glued the back parts in their correct places sandwiching the wooden stirrer in between.  You might need a few clothes pegs to help hold things together while they dry.

Now we can make her broomstick. You will need some thin twigs and a thicker twig for the handle.  Cut your thin twigs to roughly the same length and heat up your glue gun.

Add dabs of hot glue one at a time around the handle of your broom and press the twigs into the glue keeping them as level as you can at the top of your broom.  Keep adding twigs until you have a nice broom shape. Remember you want a flat back so you don’t need to add any twigs to the back.

When you are happy with your broom wrap some garden twine around the top and use hot glue to secure it at the back. You can then trim the twigs to neaten them up.

To make it easier to glue the broom in place, shave off the back of you handle so it is flat and then hot glue it in place on your witch.

Now all you need to do is add any finishing touches you would like.  Punch two holes in her wings and thread through some wire or ribbon for her to hang from.  Now she is all ready for Halloween!

 Here are some close ups of my witch 

Don’t you just love those boots!!

Well thank you so much for sticking with me through to the end of this long tutorial.  I had so much fun making her and would love to see how you have dressed up your witch, why not show them off on our Facebook group!

If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will try to help.

Until next month, take care,

                                               Love Katrina x

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