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Over the years we've been fortunate to have Julie Ann Shahin share some wonderful art journaling series with the TB&CO readers.  We will be re-posting some of them here on this blog.  Please note these may be altered from the original posts to update links, provide information on newer programs, etc

Because there are so many wonderful photos this post has been separated into several parts.  Below is Part Three.

If you missed Part One go here.  If you missed Part Two go here.


This is a photo heavy post.  Please be patient while it loads, it’s so worth it!
What comes first?  The writing or the art?  In art journaling, we’ll explore today the words. If you find that you get stuck after creating the art while transitioning to the words, I believe it’s because the art requires a different part of the brain than the writing requires, one uses the left brain, the other the right.  So embrace the process, and relax, give yourself a pat on the back for realizing that there is indeed a transition that needs to be made.

I am pulling from the Art Journal Caravan™ Workshop Expedition 2011 {Self-Study} Gallery examples to illustrate ideas for journaling.  Thank you to everyone in the Gallery for sharing your talent. I wish I could feature everyone!


Topic: Change

My Attention by PatsFanGran
Credits: Kits by Tangie Baxter, Lorie Davison, Flergs, Viva Artistry; font~Gridshift


Topic: Taking a Risk


She Jumped by PatsFanGran
Credits: Kits, by Tangie Baxter, Raspberry Road Designs and Soval; Font: Tangie Baxter's Impossible Things


Topic: Continue Where Word Art Leaves Off


Belong by PatsFanGran
Credits: Kits by Tangie Baxter, Lorie Davison, Sussie M;  journaliing font~jaques


Topic: I Am Statement


Self-Portrait by PatsFanGran
 Credits: Kits by Tangie Baxter, Kimla, Finecrafted Designs, Vinnie Pearce, Sue Cummings and Val C. Designs

Topic: Nature


POETRY by ladynorth
 Credits: Kits by Tangie Baxter and Lorie Davision


Topic: Timeline

Map by ladynorth
Credits: Kits by Tangie Baxter; Fonts used Tangie's Mockturtle, Arial Narrow and Antique Type


Topic: Create Your Own Charater and It's Story


Whatever Happens by ladynorth
Credits: Kits by Tangie Baxter;  Tangie’s Fonts: Jabberwock, fiveseventen, tweedledee; Other Font: Apple Boy BTN

Topic: List-Making


Self Portrait by ladynorth
 Credits: Kits by Tangie Baxter; Font: Smartypants


Topic: Repeat a Word

I AM A COLLECTOR by wombat146
Credits: Kits by Tangie Baxter, Magic Reality Designs


Topic: Lots of Journaling Subtlely Blended into Page


ESCAPE by wombat146
Credits: Kits by Carla Gibson Designs, Joanne Brisebois Designs, Sue Cummings, Ashalee Wall Designs; Fonts: Dymo, Polaroid 22, Burst by Bubble, Pea Jamie


Topic: What Inspires You?


INSPIRATION by wombat146
 Credits: Kits by Tangie Baxter, Digiridooscraps; Sarah Barber Designs, MCD Designs, Scrappie Irene Designs, The Urban Fairy.


I hope you enjoyed Part Three and the conclusion of Art Journaling 101: What to Write.  

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Art Journal Caravan™ Workshop Expedition 2011 {Self-Study}


Art Journal Caravan™ Workshop 2011 {PARCEL BUNDLE}