Flashback Fridays - Art Journaling 101: Visual Journaling Focus July 08 2016, 1 Comment

Over the years we've been fortunate to have Julie Ann Shahin share some wonderful art journaling series with the TB&CO readers.  We will be re-posting some of them here on this blog.  Please note these may be altered from the original posts to update links, provide information on newer programs, etc


 Visual/Collage Journaling Focus


I’d love to share with you today my Summer Visual Journal. Inspired by collage, visual journals, and Smash Books – this journal  is still a work in progress.  My journal is more about using ephemera, photos, and journaling – than it is about using paints, watercolors, and getting your hands messy. Although one can feel free to use digitally painted items!


My Summer Journal
This journal is a hybrid journal with lots of paper + printables. Lots and lots of goodies from Tangie’s kits, such as the butterfly and clock on the cover above.
Inside Cover and Page 1 by Julie Ann
On the inside cover, the postcard folds down.
The envelope on the right is from a magazine perfume ad.
Dedication for Summer Journal by Julie Ann Shahin
Travel wish list with journaling on reverse side
 Contrast large numbers with handwritten journaling
Mix travel ephemera with scrapbooking ephemera
Remember to journal about the weather
 Mix in cut images from magazines with printables
Use envelopes for hidden journaling
Feel free to get whimsical
Use photobooth-style photos for memorable events
Capture your love for the beach with printables
Mix real vintage ephemera with printables
 Lots of room to add doodling later


Thanks for letting me share my Summer Journal, in progress. It has been really relaxing to work on it while watching T.V. or just sitting in my dining room listening to the sounds of nature through the open windows.


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