Art Journal Emporium - Día De Los Muertos Shrine Tutorial October 26 2017, 0 Comments

Happy October everyone!  This is one of my favorite times of the year and it's finally starting to feel like fall with cold mornings and cooler nights. Today's project is a Shrine made using Tangie's Día De Los Muertos Collections and Midnight Mischief Collab along with a few paints, glitter and glue sticks. 

Día de los Muertos {DOS}

Día de los Muertos {TRES}

Día de los Muertos {CUARTO} 

 Midnight Mischief {Bundle}

You  will need the following items to make a shrine: small empty box, acrylic paints in your favorite colors, glue stick, watercolor paper, printed background papers and an assortment of elements. 

Let's get started by printing out your favorite background papers and any elements that you want to use.

My box was a leftover from assembling a small table.  I filled the dip at the bottom of the box with scrunched papers so there wouldn't be a such a big divot, moderate success ended up with a small sunken area.

 My box after getting a touch of paint and gluing down a few background papers.

The next step was making a crown of sorts for the top of the Shrine using a piece of watercolor paper, blue paint and and a bit of glitter.

After the crown dried it was glued along the front top of the box with the ends tucked into the slits at the top and taped.  I painted over the tape and then began adding my cut out embellishments. This is when I decided to add my Mr. and Mrs. Skeleton. 

They are attached with small strips of sturdy paper bent in two places and glued to the bodies and box for a 3D effect.  After the glue dried I added the last of the cut out flowers inside the box as well as the outside of the box.



Thanks so much for joining me today with this tutorial.  

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[Posted by: Susan McCarley]