Art Journal Emporium - The 12 ANIMAL Days of Christmas December 06 2017, 0 Comments

I enjoyed doing the 13 Days of Halloween so much that I wanted to do the 12 Days of Christmas, but with a twist - animals.  Going through my stash to find animals was sooo much fun.  I tried to use as many of Tangie’s animals as possible along with Rebecca McMeen’s (from The Lilypad) - and was pretty successful. I also went back to 2015 AJE kits (mainly because everything before 2014 is on another drive).

Here’s the list of kits that I used:

I hope you enjoy - I got so much pleasure doing this art and am so happy to share with you.

[Posted by: Jan Nicholas]

{Tangie Bundle No. 19} Envelop

"{Tangie Bundle No. 18} Figment"

{Tangie Bundle No. 18} Figment

"Wondrous Autumn Graffiti Collages"

"Mint To Be"

Mint To Be

"{Tangie Bundle No. 14} Spinning Daydreams"

{Tangie Bundle No. 14} Spinning Daydreams

"Alice's Winter Wonderland"

Alice's Winter Wonderland


"Fern {Art Dolls Only}"

"Greer and her Closet"

"Ever Elements"


"Betsy Summer Scenes 2"