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This wreath was created to celebrate the Autumn (falling leaves) season. I used papers from Tangie Baxter & CO – Tangie Baxter’s “Halloween Magic", “Spinning Daydreams”, “Abounding” and Rebecca McMeen’s “Crispin.”     

1.  Create a mask of a leaf.

2.  For each of the papers (I used 24 different papers) cut out the leaves.  Make sure that the connecting piece is sturdy as this will be used to attach the leaves to the frame.
3.  Either purchase a circular frame or make one (I used pipe cleaners, connected and braided to create a flexible, circular frame).

4.  Fold leaves evenly over frame (for the 9” diameter frame, used 8 leaves). Use paper clips to hold in place temporarily.

5.  Fold leaves over between the previous row of leaves (again for the 9” diameter frame, used 8 leaves). Staple at base of each leaf to hold in place.  Also glue the ends of leaves together.

6.  Cut leaves in half (you will be using only one half of the leaf pattern for the next row).  Fold the leaf about ¼ way up from the bottom and place around the frame to form the third row.  Glue down leaf on the front of the wreath and tape down on the back side (use heavy duty tape).

7.  Use heavy thread or thin wire to form a hanger (I used waxed linen thread). Ta! Da! You now have a super cool wreath to hand on your door.  Add glitter if you want (might be a fun addition – there’s always room for glitter).

I hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial on making a Thanksgiving Wreath.  Wishing you a holiday season full of joy.

"{Tangie Bundle No. 14} Spinning Daydreams"

{Tangie Bundle No. 14} Spinning Daydreams



"Halloween Magic"

Halloween Magic

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