Art Journal Emporium - Spring Alchemy Worksheets May 03 2017, 0 Comments

April’s Alchemy Worksheets (included in the digital deliverables for the Art Journal Emporium)  were an eclectic mix of Spring season, electrical and other images that don’t fit into any categories.  I once again started by not thinking too hard and just using elements that speak to me.  Since Spring has just begun (albeit still a wet and rainy one where I live), I created a Spring digital collage.  I then looked for a quote that fits Spring - Robin Williams quote fit the bill quite nicely.  

I was also drawn to all the line drawings of old fashioned light bulbs, but wanted to be a bit whimsical.  Arranging the light bulbs to mimic a daisy and using a quote provided by Tangie from Nathaniel Hawthorne along with some kaleidoscope-type paper created this next art piece.

I hope these pieces inspire you to create your own art using the elements from April’s weekly AJE delliveries.

[Posted by: Jan Nicholas]