Art Journal Emporium - Autumn Fairy Digital Collage October 09 2017, 1 Comment

For the past year, my personal creative project has been working on drawing faces. As an Art Journal Emporium Crew member, I have been trying to incorporate Tangie’s digital art into my faces.  

In the last two months I used collage sheets to add to my face drawings.  This month I decided to draw a face, scan into computer and digitally add elements in Adobe Photoshop®.  It has been a lot of fun.  

For the first October Girl, I used Tangie’s Wondrous Autumn Graffiti Collages for the foot of the page and Rebecca McMeen’s Aspen Autumn Art Dolls & Closet for the headpiece.

I hope you enjoy this art.

 Wondrous Autumn Graffiti Collages

Aspen Autumn Art Dolls & Closet

[Posted by: Jan Nicholas]