Art Journal Emporium - April Artist Sheets April 23 2018, 2 Comments

As part of the Art Journal Emporium each month Tangie provides 10 new sheets of Artist Friendly Artwork ready to use as soon as you can click the download link!

Jan, one of the Creative Crew shares her work using this month's Artist Sheets:

This months Artist Sheets are great! I used bits and pieces of the sheets to create a couple of art pieces.

I used the top of #9 and the bottom of #10 to create a sunny sheet to go with the quote that I found so inspiring.

For the next piece, I wanted to use those great birds.  I used A New Chapter Paper Tears template by Dawn Inskip at Lilypad to “rip” the birds from sheets #3, #5, #7, and #8.  Since I wanted to create a sense of symmetry, I added duplicate mirror images of each bird and flower (bird of paradise) to a background of green and blue.  Then I added a quote that spoke to me.

I hope these examples give you some ideas for using the Artist Sheets.

[Posted by: Jan Nicholas]

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