Art Journal Emporium Alchemy Worksheet Inspiration April 03 2017, 0 Comments

This year in the Art Journal Emporium, Tangie is providing us with weekly Alchemy Worksheets to help us find deeper meaning in our art and in our life.

One of my favorite things to create in Photoshop is a digital collage.  First of all I figure out a way to use the worksheets and extra elements to create an art piece.  Then I looked for a quote that fits the art piece.  The best way to do this is to not think too hard and just use elements that speak to me.

The first piece I would like to share with you is called “Under The Sea.”  I used a worksheet and extra element from week 9 and the dolphin from week 12.  I had to crop and clear to get only the images I wanted to use.  Then I colored the dolphins and text.

The next piece is called “Irish Paths”  Since St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated in March, I wanted something Irish.  The quote is one of my favorite Irish blessings.  I used a worksheet from week 11, horse with flowers from week 10 and horse and carriage silhouette from week 12. I had to crop the worksheet to make the lady appear larger and also cropped a flower from the horse with flowers to add some flowers to the hillside.

I hope these pieces help to inspire you to try using the worksheets and extra elements to create your own unique art pieces.

[Posted by: Jan Nicholas]