Art Journal Emporium - April Collage Sheets and Unicorns April 27 2017, 0 Comments

When I first viewed this month’s collage sheets (digital version included in the Art Journal Emporium), I was immediately drawn to the unicorns and hearts.  There is a wonderful children’s poem by Shel Silverstein that fits so perfectly - “The Unicorn.”

First I painted a 11” X 15” piece of watercolor paper using multiple color splashes/washes in greens and blues watercolors.

After drying completely, I folded the paper in half.  I cut out four unicorns and four hearts from the collage sheets.  Pasted the unicorns and hearts onto the the pages.

Then I outlined the unicorns and hearts with black ink and white ink where the black ink didn’t show up.  Using “The Art of Whimsical Lettering” by Joanne Sharpe for ideas on lettering, I wrote the first paragraph of the poem “The Unicorn” by Shel Silverstein onto the pages.

This makes a nice card to send to someone special.  I hope this inspires you to use the collage sheets.

[Posted by: Jan Nicholas]