Art Journal Emporium - 1 Collage Sheet 7 Ways March 26 2016, 0 Comments

Hey guys, Carolyn here, Art Journal Emporium Crew Member, taking over the TB&CO blog again!!  Today I’m here to welcome you to a brand new monthly blog post: a challenge put out by Tangie to her Crew called “1 Collage Sheet, 7 Ways”.  What’s this all about?  Tangie has challenged seven of us to use one collage sheet to be the primary focus of a project that we create then share with all of you to show you just how versatile the collage sheets really are.

This month we’re using March 2016 Sheet #10 for our challenge, it looks like this:

We all created journal pages this time, some are digital, some are cut and paste.  Even though 6 out of 7 of us used the house they all look SO very different. I found this challenge to be SO much fun, but I love using Tangie’s collage sheets in my art anyway.

So, enough yapping, on to the good stuff…

Glenda is up first with a digital page “Our Town”:

Next is Jan’s page, she incorporated some of her coloring book images into hers. She calls it “333 Butterfly Lane”:

Audrey made a digital page using the Collage Sheet 10 and the March Grab Bag:

Katrina made a cut and paste page in her art journal:

Amy also made a cut and paste page in her art journal:

Anne made a cut and paste tag:

And here’s mine, also a cut and paste page in my art journal:

I hope you all enjoyed this little challenge as much as we did.  We’re already looking forward to starting next month’s challenge!  If you’ve used March Collage Sheet #10 in your projects we’d love it if you left a comment below with a link so we can all see.  

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[posted by Carolyn Albro]