Art Journal Pockets - Crafting and the Environment March 22 2016, 9 Comments

Let's talk about Crafting and The Environment

The big conversation about Climate and change and the Environment is all around.  We as crafters can do our part by recycling and using products that are environmentally safe.  One such product is Citra-Sol.  I love using this for a multitude of things. It's classified a degreaser but it's great for making transfers, cleaning brushes and known best for creating awesome craft papers from old National Geographic magazines. There is something about National Geographic's printing process that works well with this product.  A perfect way to help keep it green.  Citra-Sol can be purchased at many different stores and even on-line.  So next time you need a cool background try Citra-Sol.  

Credits:Tangie Baxter's Mint To Be, Rebecca McMeen's Kendra and AJP sheet TB153 which is a free download included in the Art Journal Pockets Workshop

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[posted by Kimberly Moore]