Easter Bunny Table Decoration March 18 2016, 4 Comments

Hello, Katrina here to share with you my cut and paste project for this month using the March collage sheets.

Well, here in England spring is definitely in the air.  The garden is full of sunny daffodils, the days are getting longer, the sun is becoming warmer and it even smells like spring!  If spring is here then Easter is just around the corner.

When I looked at this month's wonderful collage sheets from Tangie and came across the lovely vintage Easter Bunny I knew I had to make something special with him.  So grab your collage sheets and let's make my cute Easter Bunny table decoration.

To make my Easter Bunny table decoration you will need -

  • March collage sheets number 3, 5, 7 and 8
  • Box template
  • White card[board]
  • 2 wooden coffee stirrers
  • Piece of card[board] from a box
  • Scissors, wet glue and a bone folder or something to score with.

This is how we do it -

  • Print out your collage sheets.
  • Cut out the bunny from the bunny collage sheet as shown and then stick him onto a sheet of white card[board] and cut him out again.

  • Stick your 2 wooden coffee stirrers onto the back of your rabbit, cutting them down if you need to. These will give your rabbit stability.

  • Then stick him to the white card[board] sheet again and cut him out again.
  • Decorate him with glitter highlights and leave him to dry while we make his box and base.

Now make your box -

  • Print out my template (size A4), you can print it straight onto your card[board] or onto paper, cut it out and draw around it onto your card[board].

  • Cut the box out and then score the lines as shown on the template.

  • Glue the tabs, using wet glue, to the outside of the box. I did it this way because we are going to cover the outside of our box so you won’t see the flaps. The inside will be seen so this way it will look nice and clean.

  • Cover the outside of your box using the background collage sheets. I find the easiest way is to apply wet glue to one side of the box. Stick it down onto the back of the collage sheet, smooth it out and cut around with scissors. Repeat on the other sides. The bottom will be stuck to the base so leave that one blank.
  • Decorate your box with the eggs from the egg collage sheet.

  • Glue your Easter bunny to your box so the bottom of the bunny is level with the base of the box.

 Now to make the base -

  • Cut a piece of box card[board] the size of the base you want. I haven’t given a size for this as every ones will be different, you might have other embellishments you want to add too. So it's up to you how big you want to make it.
  • Stick, using wet glue to the back of one of the background collage sheets and cut out leaving a border as shown, so you can fold it under the base.
  • Apply wet glue to the borders and stick down to the bottom of the base.

  • Your base is now covered and everything is ready to put together.
  • Stick your box and bunny to the base using your wet glue and add a few more of the eggs from the egg collage sheet.
  • Fill your box with chocolate eggs and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this month’s project. If you have any questions about it ask away I am only too happy to help.

However you celebrate Easter I hope you have a wonderful time.

Love Katrina

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[posted by Katrina Rollings]