Art Journal Emporium Gallery Gems February 29 2016, 1 Comment

Greetings fellow art lovers!  It’s Monday, and that means it’s time to take a peek at this week’s gorgeous Art Journal Emporium Gallery Gems!

Let’s begin with this dreamy page created by Robyn L for the Art Journal Emporium February Challenge.  Every time I look at it, I can feel the warmth of the sun and the sweet, soft breeze.

Robyn’s credits: Tangie Baxter & CO’s February Grab Bag, now available as separate kits: Tangie Bundle No.18, Rebecca Bundle No. 18

Next we have this amazing black and white piece created by Marilyn Curttright for the Art Journal Caravan Itinerary No. 7.  The sad, almost desperate eyes seem to jump off the page.

Her credits: Tangie Baxter's Dreamspilling, Dream Maker, Collage Sheet from Itinerary #7 included in the Art Journal Emporium, and Rebecca McMeen’s Illy

And finally, also in response to The AJC Itinerary No. 7, we have some excellent advice beautifully presented by rarou47. I just love all of her wonderfully grungy layers!

Credits: Tangie Baxter & CO kits

I hope you enjoyed today’s selections!  Thanks to Robyn, Marilyn and rarou47 for sharing their delectable creations!  Please leave them some love!

Tangie Baxter & CO’s Art Journal Caravan is back for 2016, and if you haven’t participated, you should check it out!  I got my start in Art Journalling via the Art Journal Caravan and have never looked back!

Grab Bags are only available for a limited time once a month and are priced on a sliding scale, so act fast for the best deal!  For more information visit TB&CO Grab Bags.

For more information on the Art Journal Emporium visit Art Journal Emporium - Tangie Baxter & CO.

Thanks for looking - see you next time with some more sparkling gems!

[posted by Glenda Mulac]