A Look Inside the Art Journal Emporium Collage Workshop February 26 2016, 0 Comments

Did you know that included in your Art Journal Emporium membership you receive Tangie Baxter's Collage Workshop for that month BEFORE it's released in the TB & CO store? In addtion to the digital downloads there is a video tutorial and sample projects!

Here's a project our crew member Anne shared with Emporium members.  Enjoy!

This month’s collage began with a map.  I work at the Census Bureau, and recently, we had to clean out our mapping library.  Before discarding books and maps, we were allowed to choose ones we would like to keep.  As a geographer, I have always been fond of maps, so I collected several atlases and wall maps.  For my journal page collage this month, I began with a map of the United States which I glued into my journal.

Looking at the map, I began to think of the many places I have lived and visited in this beautiful country.  I have been to every state except North Dakota, and have lived in five states.  When I was 12, I was lucky enough to go on a half year cross country trip with my parents by trailer.  So, for my collage, I marked the places that I have lived with stars and drew the route we took on that cross country trip.  I also used some of the collage elements to highlight areas, and the hearts mark some of my favorite places.

To round out the composition, I added the wonderful hands and Rebecca’s figure cut from the collage sheets.  I used flowers to add some further color and interest, not minding that I covered up Texas :)  I apologize to those of you living in the south.  There are some really lovely places in the American South.  But, my heart belongs to New England, and particular to the West Coast.  

When I added “Figment of My Imagination” it made me ponder the nature of memories. The time I spent traveling across the county with my parents as my teachers was the best experience within an already wonderful childhood.  I have probably glorified it in my mind.  How much of it was real and how much a figment?  I guess it doesn’t really matter, I will always treasure the memories of that year - they shaped the adult and the geographer I became.

[posted by Anne]

The Collage Workshop materials need to be downloaded before the end of each month so there's only a few days left to join the AJE and get this month's workshop.

For more information on the Art Journal Emporium visit Art Journal Emporium - Tangie Baxter & CO.

[posted by Joy]