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Today we will get to know one of Tangie’s talented Crew members. She contributes some really beautiful and helpful projects in the Emporium and on Tangie Baxter & CO’s blog!

Let's meet Karli-Marie:


⦁Name or nickname/handle?
Most people call me Karli, but my full name is Karli-Marie Avril Reyes-Dimovska. To my students it's Ms. Karli, but in writing I am always Karli-Marie. I used to go by KM in digiland and I have also designed under the name KM Ink. Clearly simplicity isn't my forte!

⦁Where do you live? 
Cary, North Carolina

⦁Digital, mixed media, or both? 
Both! Any! All!

 ⦁How long have you been making art?
I think expression through art, no matter the medium, is an absolutely essential piece of the human experience. I've been making some form of art as long as I can remember. When I was young it was mostly collages and handmade paper dolls. I moved toward scrapbooking in high school and made the full switch to digital art after college. Around 2007 I started making forum signatures and soon after I transitioned to the exploding niche of digital scrapbooking.

I was introduced to the glory of mixed media goodness in 2010 (thank you Art Journal Caravan!), which has left a lasting impact on my artistic process. During my time in the Peace Corps I was able to spread my wings of creativity and explore everything from website creation to designing a zine for an international non-profit organization. Then, after my return to the states, I felt a pull toward digital design and launched a creative business of my very own. Unfortunately I wasn't able to gain much traction and found it hard to balance working full time and designing regularly, so I put the project on the back burner for the time being. These days I vacillate between mixed media/hybrid projects and 100% digital art. In short, I've been making art just shy of forever.

 ⦁How did you find Tangie & the Emporium?
I've been following Tangie for years. I joined the very first Art Journal Caravan in 2010 and fell head over heals. After a break from mixed media art, I joined the 2014 Caravan and fell in love with Tangie's work all over again. Late last year I was honored to take a place in Tangie's blog team and was introduced to the Emporium (spoiler alert: it's awesome!). The past few months working with Tangie's team and exploring everything the Emporium has to offer has been a super fun experience for me.

⦁Favorite art supply?
Ooof. Tough question. I can't pick just one (or two), but if I had to narrow it down I would say for physical art I absolutely need paint, pens, and anything that creates awesome texture; for digital art I love brushes, fonts, and shapes.

⦁Favorite technique?
While I love to explore new techniques often, I always seem to come home to blending. It's one of my favorite things about digital vs. physical art. As for mixed media, I'll admit there's a ton of techniques that I haven't broken into yet, but I'm a big fan of layering and creating complex textures.

⦁Favorite embellishing tools?
I am a sucker for scatters and splatters!

⦁Favorite color palette?
I love color! I tend to gravitate toward brighter color palettes and veer away from pastels and muddy hues. That said, I do think that all colors have their time and place.

⦁What I'm exploring now?
My husband and I moved in December of last year, so the majority of the Christmas season was spent knee deep in DIY projects for the new pad. I've had a ton of fun making my Pinterest boards spring to life. But, during the past few weeks, as my interior design projects have started to slow down, I've returned to my love of writing.

⦁Favorite part of the Emporium right now?
The Art Journal Caravan, for sure. I am SUPER stoked for its return, it feels like everything's coming back full circle for me. I am also constantly enamored with Tangie's amazing collage sheets.

⦁I love to make...
Anything I can get my hands on! I have so many hobbies it's hard to list them all, but here's my attempt to cover most of my bases. I love to make: old furniture new again, hand lettered signs, breathtaking photographs, gourmet meals for my husband, birthday cards for my nieces and nephews, educational resources for preschoolers, crochet hats and scarves, and most of all I love to make people happy.

⦁Beside the Emporium, where can we find you on the internet?

My digital reach is far and wide, but here are a few highlights:

My website:




My blog: (Disclaimer: it is sorely out of date)

You can also find my regular blog posts right here each week at

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for! Here is some of Karli’s fabulous art!

Strength: My 2016 Word of the Year (100% digital)

Winter Canvas (mixed media)

Macedonia: handlettered sign

DIY project: Refurbished Steamer Trunk bar

Thank You card (mixed media)

DIY decoupage pumpkin (mixed media)

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