Art Journal Pockets - Happy Mail February 02 2016, 1 Comment

I belong to a Facebook Group which sends out “Happy Mail” to people who are going through a tough time and need a little happy in their lives.  For example, when I went through surgery a year and a half ago, I received “Happy Mail” from 3 different people from around the world.  Believe me, it made my day because they knew I was an artist and they either sent me a card or art journaling ephemera to keep me occupied in bed during my recovery.  Over the past two and a half years, I have send out a few “Happy Mails” myself.  They go to people who have major depression, who are battling cancer, or other difficulties.

This particular happy mail is going to Australia to a mother who is battling several different diseases at once.  She has two children and a very supportive husband.  I thought that this beautiful Art Journal Pocket set would cheer her up!  I know that it would put a very big smile on my face if I received it in the mail!  


  1. RM101 AJP Sheet from the Art Journal Pockets

    Starter Kit
  2. Random Ephemera from my stash including: brads, ticker words, flowers, arrow paper clips, dot stickers, feather stickers, the letter L
  3. Color Theory Ink Pad in Coral Bay

If you would like the contact information to join such an uplifting and charitable group, you can email me at or you can contact Rachel Thomas, who is in charge of the closed group enCouragement Art on Facebook!

For more information on Art Journal Pockets visit Art Journal Pockets- Tangie Baxter & CO.

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