Art Journal Pockets - App It Up! January 15 2016, 2 Comments

2016 Has Arrived!

The new year has been ushered in and it just may be the perfect time to try something new.  What could that be?  Exploring art apps.  I began using my art apps as a convenient way to create on the move.  I got totally hooked. In the beginning I still have to create the original art.  I still have a need to grip a pencil or piece of charcoal.  But once that is done, a quick scan and the fun begins. I can mix, cut up, add to, embellish the list goes on.  You can also build quite a collection of elements to use over again.

People always want to know how much is my physical work part of the picture?  It's all part of it. The computer is merely a tool, like a pencil or pen.  You still have to know how to create the art you are trying to achieve.  The computer can’t do that for you.

For this post I took one face. 


Then added some TB&CO elements and using a few art apps created this journal pocket page.

The apps I used are Juxtaposer and Art Rage. But I encourage you to explore, there are so many out there now.  Most are free to start.  

So I say look beyond the pen and paper, App it up!

Kits used: TB& CO's Mint to Be, and various Tangible Plans elements.

For more information on Art Journal Pockets visit Art Journal Pockets- Tangie Baxter & CO..

[posted by Kimberly]