Time Saving Tips for Digital Artists January 14 2016, 1 Comment

Time Saving Tips for Digital Artists - TB&CO - posted by Karli-Marie


Are you one of the 48% of Americans who say they don’t have enough time? Like money (or chocolate!) we always seem to need just a little more time in our daily lives. If you are lucky enough to find the time to pursue your digital art, why get bogged down in doing things the hard way?

Photoshop shortcuts might take some getting used to, but in the long run they are a great time saving device. There are tons (tons!!) of Photoshop shortcuts out there, but I have compiled a handful of my go-to, must-have favorites. I hope these tips will help to take your workflow to the next level, novice and expert alike we can always learn something new.


CTRL+J = Duplicates layer or selection

ALT+drag = duplicates layers, effects, masks, etc.

Shift+drag from one canvas to another = copies layer in the exact same place on new canvas

CTRL+’ = hides/shows grid

CTRL+; = hides/shows guides

CTRL+Z =undo/redo

CTRL+ALT+Z = undo more

CTRL+SHIFT+Z = redo more

RIGHT CLICK while the brush tool is activated to easily change your brush options

RIGHT CLICK on your rulers to change the measurement (‘percent’ comes in handy!)


Bonus Tip: Did you know that each tool has its own shortcut? They're listed in the tools panel, but just for funsies, here's a quick and dirty reference list:

V = Move Tool

E = Eraser Tool

M = Marquis Tool

G = Paint Bucket Tool

L = Lasso Tool

O = Burn Tool

W = Magic Wand Tool

P = Pen Tool

C = Crop Tool

T = Type Tool

I = Eyedropper Tool

A = Path Selection Tool

J = Healing Brush

U = Rectangle Tool

B = Brush Tool

H = Hand Tool

S = Clone Stamp

Z = Zoom Tool

Y = History Brush Tool


SUPER Bonus Tip: SHIFT+tool shortcut letter = Scrolls through tools that share a palette position (ie: W = Magic Wand tool, SHIFT+W = Quick Selection Tool)

What’s your favorite Photoshop shortcut? Leave a comment below!

[posted by Karli-Marie]