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I have known Bill for awhile and have always been impressed by his beautiful digital work. A lot of the pieces I've seen show his fun side and great sense of humor. I realized when I was preparing this post that Bill was my link to Tangie back in the Art Journal Caravan days, and was thrilled to see his name in the Art Journal Emporium soon after Tangie announced the return of the Caravan! I'm sure you will love him as much as I do!

Here's Bill in his own words:

Most people call me Bill. In some of the art groups I go by the name Billizetti. That came about because I love "zetti" art. I live just outside of Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I create all kinds of art. I love digital art, but have been trying to make myself do more mixed media art now.  I started drawing as a young kid. I always drew elaborate undersea pictures. I loved porpoise back then.

I've journaled through four of the five years of The Art Journal Caravan, so I knew Tangie when she moved to her own website. I created all of my pages digitally for those four years. I would like to try mixed media journaling for this new year.

Other Juicy Details:

Favorite art supply: This will sound corny, but I love glitter. I love "kawaii" art, and have painted several canvases in that style. Adding glitter makes them really fun! Plus it covers a multitude of lousy painting.

Favorite technique: I've been drawing a lot more lately. I really like scanning the hand drawn pictures, and then using them in digital art. It's the best of both worlds that way.

Favorite embellishing tools: I like using plastic bubble sheets used in shipping boxes to stamp paint on canvases. It's a good way to add texture and interest.

Favorite color palette: I love turquoise with purple or red. I usually throw in some lime green and bright orange, too.

What I'm exploring now: I just took a short class by Mindy Lacefield. I want to create characters that are fun and colorful to add to my journaling pages.

Favorite part of the Emporium right now: I actually just joined the Emporium. I know, though, my favorite part will be The Art Journal Caravan!

I love to, crazy art.

Besides the Emporium, where can we find Bill on the internet?  or

And here's some of his art:

"Alien in France"

"Sunny Day"

"WJC The Virus"


"Kawaii Animals"

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