Come Join Us for the First Art Journal Emporium Book Club of 2016 January 09 2016, 0 Comments

Greetings - this is Anne posting today about the first 2016 AJE Book Club!

Are you ready to explore new mediums in your art?  Do you desire more play time in your life?  Is 2016 your year to try new ways to express your artistic evolution?  Join me in the January-February AJE Book Club as we work our way through: Unfurling: A Mixed Media Workshop with Misty Mawn.  

Each week we will cover a different Chapter.   We started on January 1, but it is never too late to join in.  

January 1: Drawing

January 8: Painting

January 15: Collage

January 22: Stamp Carving

January 29: Paper Pottery

February 5: Paper Crafts

February 12: Journal Making

February 19: Photography

February 26: Poetry

Misty’s instruction, expertise, and examples provide so much inspiration for experimenting in new mediums.  You will be encouraged to play and experiment, rather than to be overly serious about your art.  This opens up the possibilities for endless joy in the act of creating!

Each week I post a little about the book and I try a selection of the projects from that chapter.  As I have begun to post my interpretations of the assignments, I am finding that I am being nudged into areas that I have not explored before.  It is a little uncomfortable, especially as I have committed to posting my work to share with you, so you will see the good and the bad!  This is forcing me to move beyond my criticisms though, and keep going, as I know that I am learning along the way. This book is encouraging me to focus on the process of learning and experimenting, rather than only on the final product.  Because of this, some of my final pieces are better than I could have imagined!

Anyone can learn to draw, paint, sew book bindings, or carve stamps - just begin where you are, and try some of the exercises.  You can join in on any, or all of the chapters.  Feel free to post pictures of your work, or not!  Just have fun and enjoy the process.  

The AJE Book Club is included in the Art Journal Emporium.  For more information about the Art Journal Emporium:

Also remember the Art Journal Caravan is back for 2016 and the deluxe version is includes in the Art Journal Emporium!  

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