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For those of us who have been members of the Art Journal Emporium since its inception a year ago, it is no surprise to hear that we have a wide range of artists in our community. We have digital artists and mixed media artists and some that do both. We are younger and older. We are beginners and more experienced. We might live anywhere in the United States or somewhere else in the world. The wonderful thing is that despite our skills or experience, we are a kind and supportive community chock-full of creativity! Combine a group of amazing people with our awesome teacher, leader, and co-creator--the inspiring Tangie Baxter--and you will find a great place to learn, grow, and create...aka the Art Journal Emporium!

Over the next several months I will be introducing you to some of our members in a twice-monthly Spotlight. To break the ice, I will start by telling you about ME!

My name is Jennifer. I live south of Nashville, Tennessee. I consider myself to be a "baby" artist. I have always been "crafty," but I took my very first art class in my 30s. Really! It has only been in the last 2 years that I have been experimenting with mixed media, which is incredibly challenging for me. When I first found Tangie and her work I was excited to find someone so fun and encouraging. She makes it look easy, and really breaks things down so that I'm not too afraid to give it a shot.

I am enjoying trying new things. I love collaging and playing with paint. I have a natural love for techy stuff, so in 2016 I plan to explore digital art using some of Tangie's awesome resources. I might even go wild and play with some digital work on my phone. There is a great series of tutorials going on in the AJE to get me started. I know it's safe there to post pictures of my experiments and get positive feedback.

A few more factoids:

  • Favorite art supply: repositionable glue stick
  • Favorite technique: spreading paint with an old gift card
  • Favorite embellishing tools: white gel pen and washi tape
  • Favorite color palette: turquoise and ocean tones
  • What I'm exploring now: layering
  • Favorite part of the Emporium right now: GORGEOUS collage sheets
  • I love to make: hats!

Some of My Projects:

Part of the mural started on my studio wall

Mixed media in my art journal planner

Drawing in my art journal planner

Photo for my blog

Cover of my FanGirl journal (Yes, I'm a fan of the Hats of Downton Abbey!)

Mixed media background

You can find me at the Art Journal Emporium,, or I'm relaunching my blog at

By the way, now is a great time to join the AJE! Tangie has some incredible stuff planned for 2016! 

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