Festive Holiday Cutlery Envelopes December 23 2015, 0 Comments

Happy December Everyone! Tangie Baxter & CO Crew Member Glenda here to share my quick and simple Festive Holiday Cutlery Envelopes. It’s as easy as print, cut and tape!

You will need a few supplies to get started - and you probably already have most of these!

8.5 x 11 craft paper, cardstock or photo paper in a neutral color

Printer or ability to access one

Digital decorations, I used TB&CO’s December Grab Bag No.16 Evergreen now sold as a separate kit and also semi-solid, textured papers from TB&CO's Art Journal Caravan™ 2013 December Collection

Scissors or paper cutter

Tape or tape wheel

Some ribbon or cord for extra embellishment

Festive napkins

Permanent marker


Ok, let’s go! First you need to choose a design for your envelopes. I have provided a basic template that can be decorated and personalized. I’ve also included a few ready to go envelopes, including at least one with space for a guest’s name.

PSD Blank Envelope Template

Ready to Go 1

Ready to Go 2

Ready to Go 3

Ready to Go 4

Ready to Go 5


Now print your choice or choices - I’m thinking of mixing them up this year for a fun, casual look.

Use scissors or paper cutter to cut out your envelopes.

With the printed side facing down, simply fold up the bottom flap and then fold in each side flap until you have formed your envelope. Use roller tape on the underside edge of your top flap to securely fasten it to the bottom flap. Regular tape on the outside will also work.

If you’re using an envelope with space for a guest’s name, now is a good time to write it in with a permanent marker.

Cut a length of ribbon or cord at least 16 inches long. I used triple strands on a couple of my envelopes because the cording was thin. With your printed side facing up, tie a simple bow around your envelope.

And - viola! - the “hard” part is complete!

Place your napkin in a diamond shape in front of you and arrange your cutlery in the center with your tallest piece at the top point.

Fold each side of the diamond, one at a time, over your cutlery.

Carefully open the envelope and insert the napkin-wrapped cutlery.

That’s all there is to it! You can put these quick and easy Festive Cutlery Envelopes in the center of or alongside your plates, or arrange them in a basket for a buffet table.

Thank you all for looking! I hope this month brings you peace and joy wherever you may be!


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[Posted by: Glenda Mulac]