The Art Journal Caravan is Back! December 18 2015, 0 Comments

Over the years I've seen so much growth and an explosion of online resources for Art Journaling, it's awesome-- in the true sense of that word. I can't help but sit here with a huge smile on my face, grateful for the journey. To think it was six years ago that I started a little adventure called "The Art Journal Caravan", the first online workshop of it's kind. I've grown so much since then, as has the creative world we live in. It is with deep affection and a little skip in my step that I openly tell the world that my heart has been called back to that original journey. The Caravan is back, come join the adventure!



I'm also announcing our *NEW* prepaid packages for those of you who don't want a monthly subscription. 



The Tangerine Telescope and the Printed collage sheets will now coordinate with the monthly Art Journal Caravan themes. You will want to sign up now if you want the January Shipment!


[posted by Joy]