Art Journal Emporium Loyalty Program December 14 2015, 1 Comment

Hey everyone!!  Carolyn here, Art Journal Emporium Crew Member, to tell you about the latest installment of the AJE Loyalty Program.  What’s that?  You didn’t know that there’s a loyalty program?  Well you are in for a treat.

For every 6 months that you’re a member of the Art Journal Emporium you gain access to a brand new course packed full of fun new things to learn and in typical Tangie Fashion, LOADS of great freebies.  The inspiration just keeps coming.  You get all the great stuff in the AJE as a member AND you get free bonus material through the Loyalty Program.

The 12 month Exclusive Course was just released for those who have been with the AJE since the beginning.  The course is called “Synthesize” and it’s all about making something out of something else by layering, mixing, and experimenting until it’s a whole new thing.  There are stencils, papers and photos included for you to play and “synthesize” with.  I’m totally stoked over this class, I’m seeing SO many possibilities and the sharing has already started in the classroom with ideas others are getting as well.

Synthesize Loyalty Reward for The Art Journal Emporium

Here are just a few of the experiments some of the students have posted in the classroom:

by Liz Waechter, Catherine (CathyT) and Anne Lou (Nan) Robkin

I just love seeing how other people grab onto something and run with it.

How many months have you been an AJE member?  Please leave a comment and let us know, be loud and proud!!

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