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I have noticed an increasing trend in both the paper and digital collage world of giving our ancestors fairy wings, headwear and wands. While there has been a diversity of headwear and wands, the fairy wings are pretty much all the same. Yes, they can be made out of different papers or materials, but essentially, they are the same shape and kind.

As a digital artist, this had me thinking. With so much at our fingertips, why are we making the same wings as everyone else? Could not anything, in fact, be turned into wings? Of course, some of this also applies to the paper artist.

As I am fond of turning fancy fonts into doodles, the idea of turning fonts into wings instantly sprang to mind. So I gave it a try, and it worked! My first ancestor fairy now has lovely filigree fairy wings, made with the capital letter C of an antique font (sorry, I do not know the name of it as this font came in a package of mixed-up fonts).


So, what else can be turned into wings?

Leaves and flowers, of course. This is a common practice in doll making and they do look gorgeous.  

What about a musical instrument? Those lovely pear shapes of string instruments would work well. Then there are ribbons and bows, lace medallions and doilies.

How about a pair of open scissors? The shape lends itself so well to wings. The handles can be the upper part and the blades the lower part.

The bowl of a spoon, or the prongs of a fork?

Or a tape dispenser? Yes, I know what you are thinking but if you look at some of them, they have lovely curvy shapes. Speaking of office equipment, how about the handles on a bulldog clip, or perhaps paper clips?

An inkblot or paint splash, especially one that has drips running down in interesting formations. Scroll work of any kind, be it keys, gates, the backs of chairs, brackets.  Maybe fish tails or fins. Even sports equipment would work. Tennis racquets, golf club heads, oars, table tennis paddles, just to name a few.  Aeroplane wings, especially if you were inclined to make a more mechanically minded fairy.

And, last, but not least, the ever-present insect wing. But do not limit yourself to butterfly/moth, dragonfly or ladybug wings.  Any insect wing will work and some are truly fascinating.


Credits: Art Journal Pockets Starter Kit, various Tangie Baxter Kits, Key & Ribbon unknown.

I hope that you too will experiment with ‘other’ wings.  I would love to hear what you have used or found.  Feel free to share in the comments.  
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[Posted by: Karin]