Tradigital Creatives / Art November 18 2015, 2 Comments

Growing up I always wanted to be an artist. But I never truly pursued it until later in life. Art was viewed as an impractical means of making a living. You know the starving artist tales. So for most of my life I worked jobs that suppressed my creativity.  Then one day I woke up and said I am going to paint a picture. See below. I actually painted 6 small ladies. They were my first attempts at becoming an artist.

Then looking to make my work more exciting. I began researching various art apps to help enhance my work. I came across Tangie Baxter's site. What's this? Digital Elements that I could use to enhance my work. Whether it was a collage or painting this was truly exciting stuff. This began my journey down the Tradigital road. I would create the original, load it into the computer and enhance its beauty by using art apps and various digital elements from the site. Fun stuff. But how do I classify this type of work? I settled on the mixed media category.  After all I was mixing a collection of media together. Paper, paint, digital elements etc. Explaining this to people was a bit involved. They would think I created the whole picture using the computer. But the computer is only a tool, like a brush. You still have to know what to do with it. I work on my art everyday and as the days go on I see the changes.

So it's official I am a Tradigital Artist combining original art with digital art/elements together to create a work of art.  

Credits: Tangie’s Sweet Harmony and Rebecca’s Tansy.

[posted by Kimberly]