4 and Twenty Blackbirds Flew out of The Vault! July 24 2018, 5 Comments

Hello, Everyone!

Welcome to a new Vault Adventure.  Our crew opened "The Vault" door and Blackbirds and Fairies were flitting about!

Here are today's featured products from "The Vault":

"4 and Twenty Blackbirds" 

"Fairy Grace - ATCs"

"Monogram Alpha"

"Chipper Chatter"

 And here are the Creative Crew's inspired creations:

"Dream Weather"

by Penelope H.


by Susan M.

"I Believe in Fairies"

by Penelope H.

"4 Blackbirds"

by Jan N.

"B is for Blackbird"

by Penelope H.

"I Believe"

by Jan N.

These wonderful pages were created with just these highlighted products included in "The Vault" unless otherwise notated.  Currently there are well over 500 products in "The Vault" for you to download (including over 100 kits)! 

When you purchase "The Vault" you have access to download & use all of Tangie's RETIRED products from 2007-2015.  When more products are added there is no additional cost once you have access to "The Vault".

The Vault