Art Journal Emporium – Month in Review – May (Book Club) June 01 2015, 1 Comment

I can finally type again!

This month the book club worked on Journal Spilling by Diana Trout. So. Much. Awesome.

Exploration #1

Rese calls this messy and murky. I call it fantastic.

The colors on this page by Liz drew me in.

Exploration #2

Tangie’s shot of her plunging in. I feel that I want to post this in my art room for inspiration!

And Tangie’s result. Fantabulous.

I love the quote on Mindy’s page.

Exploration #3

Jan’s page is a great example of layers over text. I love it.

I like the way Tangie’s background colors faded into one another.

Exploration #4

Donna’s Picassoesque self-portrait is really great. I love the cubism feel mixed with what looks to me like some comic book style inspiration.

Jan put her inner critic out there for everyone to see.  Very nice work.


Exploration #5

Tangie’s title image for this exploration just oozes creative gorgeousness.  Yes, it is a word. Now.

Anne Lou made this marvelous page using marbling medium.

Exploration #6

Tangie’s lettering is always fantastic, but I really like the way the lettering in this one runs into and around the green. Plus, it is a quote by my favorite man of all time. Bonus!

I love Kay’s lettering too! This is a great mix of collage and writing with a fantastic statue picture.

That is it for May! While I’m still way behind because of the hand injury, I hope to work on this book this month.  Who’s looking forward to June?

Posted by: Becky Sasala