Art Journal Emporium - Week in Review #15 April 17 2015, 0 Comments

We are half-way through April and still steaming along in our creative adventure.

Art Journal Book Club

We're working our way through Art Journal Courage by Dina Wakely.

Exploration #3

This part of the book took a lot of courage for many of us.  But I think you will agree that the results are definitely worth it!

The eyes on this simple face by Shari are fantastic.

I couldn't decide which of Liz' layouts I liked best, but eventually I decided to go with the eagle because tracing is cool.

Mindy's layering is gorgeous on this layout. So is the face!

Exploration #4

I think we've determined that most of us are hesitant to show ourselves in our art. But this week, we were courageous!

Tangie's journal pages that she shared with us really reflects on this chapter of Dina's book.

Anne Lou went digital with her layout. I love the layered look she was able to achieve with the stamp and blending.

This stenciled page by Liz is fantastic! I love the way the colors work together.

Emporium Deliveries

Have you seen the rest of the deliveries in the Emporium this month? So far, we have our Daily Art Dose, an ATC swap (maps!!), the book club with an exclusive interview, {Be} Mused Cards, the Art District Grab Bag (if you subscribe to it), The Tangerine Telescope (with subscription), #the100DayProject challenge, new collage sheets, and new collage videos!  All our deliveries this month have been incredible so far...What have you made with them? Make sure to tag them in social media (#artjournalemporium and #thedailyartdose and #the100dayproject), post them in the classrooms, or even comment here with your creations.

The Daily Art Dose & #The100DayProject

This monthly prompt is inspiring all kinds of creative projects, many of which are combined with the #The100DayProject. Tangie gave us the challenge and has been fantastic about keeping it up herself. Best thing about it is all the creative inspiration we are all getting daily from everyone that is playing along.

This double challenge from Kay features a dog (yay!) and some inspiring exercise.

Mindy made us a cute little bird with a great quote.

And that, fellow Art Journal Emporium Explorers, is all for this week. We hope you were inspired to create and that you share your creations with us!

Posted by: Becky Sasala