Art Journal Emporium – Week in Review #14 April 10 2015, 0 Comments

Did you just see that? The truckload of awesome art and inspiration that just nearly ran us over? April has already come in full of color and style and there is still so much more to come.

With this much incredible awesomeness going around, I’m not going to be able to highlight every work of art that deserves it…because they are all fantastic. So, check out our art on social media that has been tagged with #artjournalemporium and #thedailyartdose.

Art Journal Book Club

This month we started on Art Journal Courage. It. Is. Fantastic. We even have an exclusive interview with the author!

Exploration One

Tangie’s page led the way for our inspiration.

Joycelyn did this gorgeous texturey page all about courage. It’s a great quote on an even better page. I love that lion!

This page by Liz features obscured journaling and some great affirmation words. I love that her girl on the page looks as ready as the page says.

Shari’s page has some great positive thoughts to balance her negative self talk. And stenciling. I love stenciling.

Exploration 2

Tangie’s page has stenciling, butterflies, and journaling…oh my!

Mindy shows us her mind map on this gorgeous two page spread.

This page, by Donna, has handwritten journaling deliberately skewed to obscure it. Love it!

The Tangerine Telescope

Did you get your issue yet? WOW was all I could say when I opened mine a few days ago. I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of inspiration the magazine and prompts have for us this month.

The Daily Art Dose

One of my favorite places to check in with daily! I just love the thought of taking just a few minutes each day to be creative.

I love that Liz’s word juggle is actually juggling!

Becky’s photo, “The Write Stuff” says that the prompts can be interpreted in lots of ways.

Kay’s showing us more of her lettering work this month. Thank you, it’s lovely!


Speaking of being creative every day…The 100 Day Project is a way to keep yourself committed to the cause of creativity.

Tangie is shooting for 100 art pages in 100 days.

Kay is taking the challenge seriously and doing a mind and body combination. And she’s doing more elephants. I love her elephants.

I want a poster of this one by Fonda.

Other Things

Tangie also released a new BeMused set…and we’re still only at day 10! If you are in the Artist Trading Card Swap for April, remember that your cards are due next week! I’m looking forward to seeing them.

If you haven’t been by the Emporium in a while, now is a great time to get back in on the fun. If you’re not a member, come join us!

Posted by: Becky Sasala