Art Journal Emporium News January 27 2015, 1 Comment

Welcome back to the Emporium! 

We are in the home stretch for January. If you haven’t downloaded the collage sheets yet, make sure that you do before the end of the month.

What we are creating

The ATC project has really taken off. Everyone has put their own spin on the cards and that. Is. Fantastic.

Fonda was really getting into the ATC spirit this day…

Marilyn made this card (front and back shown) with just pieces of recycled ephemera.  Yes, that is a fancy term for trash. I love that the card is simple, but still has a powerful message.

I ‘love’ the texture on Carolyn’s card!

Art explorers are also still creating fantastic mini-masterpieces in The Daily Art Dose.

Crystal did this one with a colossal prompt.

I had to add another of Crystal’s because I absolutely love her little green doll. It makes me want to go make one myself. Here's the kit if you want to make one.

Lastly, Marilyn was artspired by the word demonstrate.


That’s all for today. Don’t forget to tag the images you post on social media with #artjournalemporium and #thedailyartdose!

Posted by: Becky Sasala