Flashback Fridays - Art Journaling 101: 15 Minute Pages July 01 2016, 1 Comment

Over the years we've been fortunate to have Julie Ann Shahin share some wonderful art journaling series with the TB&CO readers.  We will be re-posting some of them here on this blog.  Please note these may be altered from the original posts to update links, provide information on newer programs, etc.


I once knew someone who told me she spent 15 minutes per page when scrapbooking. She was an amazing paper scrapbooker, and this concept blew my mind as it took me 15 minutes just to decide what color scheme to use!  I began to scrap a little faster when I went digital, and then I started taking more time again as I added layer upon layer to my pages, even in digital.  Even longer if something needed extraction or modification.

Still, this 15 minute concept has never escaped me.  Everyone has 15 minutes they can set aside for art. Even if you don’t finish, that’s ok. You can come back to it another day. Just set aside 15 minutes a day for art.  Today we are sharing pages we made in just 15 minutes! My first attempt I failed miserably.  I didn’t set a timer, and even though I watched the clock, I gave myself more and more time. I wasn’t satisfied with the page, so I kept going and going and going. I think I took about 40 minutes.  

This morning I tried a second attempt to make a 15 Minute Page.  This time I did use a timer.  I only went about a minute over, as I was finishing making a piece of word art before I could add it.  At first, as I looked at my finished page – I thought, “this is too plain for me.”  Then I realized it fit my quote exactly.  Kismet!  (And I explain what made the difference in time below.) What about you?  How about taking a few moments to center yourself, take a few deep breaths, count your blessings, and then take 15 minutes for art? Here’s an online timer you can set:

Let’s take a look at what the Studio Tangie Creative Team cooked up for us!!! (pun intended, LOL)

Studio Tangie Creative Team 15 Minute Pages

Christina aka caubin  

Credits: 2011 Art Journal Caravan Itinerary 44  

Shelli aka readingfool  

Shelli: I was hoping to get picutres of the Bald Eagles when I went to the local wildlife refuge a couple weeks ago, and though I heard them while I was there, I was never able to see them. I was lucky enough to walk up on a couple of Great Blue Heron’s though, and they were practically modeling for me. The first one was shy & hid behind a bush at first, then displayed his fishing skills for me. The second one struck a variety of poses while wading, then flew up onto a branch in front of pine tree which greated a fantastic background for him. If only nature were always so cooperative with us. A Quickity Split page & a couple of frames later & their photos are ready for display.  

Julie Ann  

2011 Art Journal Caravan Itinerary 46 – Protect.  I used Tangie’s Quickety Split N’ Print background which cut down the time significantly.  What takes me the longest everytime is the lettering and choosing of a font(s).  Then I took two word strips from the Prose Collection, to make the word “protect” – I took a “c” from one, and added it to the word “protest”.  That took me just about a minute over the 15 minute timer.  Close enough! Credits: Tangie Baxter's Quickety Split N’ Print from June Grab Bag (Vol 7), Prose Collection and Art Journaling Font Frog Footman.

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