Tuesdays with Tangie [Discover the Artist Within You!] June 14 2016, 0 Comments

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We often get stuck in a rut, sometimes without even realizing it. We may drive the same way home from work every day. We might cook the same things for dinner month after month, perhaps we’ve bought the same color mascara or eye shadow for a couple of years now? These routines may seem like the glue that hold our lives together, after all in our ever faster paced society something has to remain constant. However, many times these routines dull our fabulous minds, they don’t stretch us and encourage us to learn new things, or allow us to try daring new choices! To discover the artist within you this week try taking the long way home (or at least a different street!), try something you’ve never eaten at the grocery store, write with your left hand for an hour. Maybe you can even fix a fun dinner for your family where everyone has to eat with cooking utensils! Be crazy, be daring, do your brain a favor and try something different this week!

 To try something different, I grabbed a magazine off my desk, some watercolors and set the timer for 15 minutes! I had such a fabulous time being inspired by another artist! (I also listened to a new audio book!)

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