Art Journal Emporium - Glue Book Fun with Grab Bags and Collage Workshop Sheets May 18 2016, 2 Comments

Hello, Katrina Rollings here again with my regular monthly project for those who love their cut and paste.

I have been doing cut and paste projects with digital kits for many years now. Even though I try very hard to only print out the elements I think I will need for the project I am about to work on, no matter how much you plan and measure to get the right size, colour and type of elements you want to use, you will always end up with the odd paper or collage pieces you don't use.  As crafters are all the same at heart I know you, like me, have a growing pile of these pieces that we just can't bear to throw away but what can we do with them?

Well, you could hang on to them until they will fit into a project you are working on of course, or you could start a glue book, which is what I do.  That is the project I have to show you today.

"But what is a glue book?" I hear you cry!  All it is is a book you glue things in, in a style that pleases you.  You can use any book, any glue and any scraps but I like to use all those bits of collage you have spent ages cutting out along with any other little gems you happen to find.

So, grab a book, some glue and that pile of collage bits you have been saving up and perhaps a cup of tea and a biscuit and we can get started.

The book I am using at the moment is one I have made up myself.  I found a nice old book and took all the pages out of it.  I then stitched some plain card pages into it instead. The collage pieces I am using today are all from the grab bags and collage sheets we have had so far this year.  The glue I use is just normal PVA , white school glue in the USA I think, I use that for all my paper projects and art journaling but a glue stick will work fine too.

All you need to remember is there is only one rule - use glue and paper - the rest is up to you.

The way I go about it is to first cover the page in paper.

 I like to lay it all out first then cut to size and glue it down.

I cover all the background with pieces of paper, even the tiny gaps.

Then I add other elements over the top until I feel it is finished. It's as simple as that!

I do warn you though, you may find you just can't do one page……. It does become slightly addictive but it is so easy and great fun to do. It is a great thing to get the children doing and a different way to use old comics and magazines too.

As I said I can never just do one page, so here are two more pages I made using some of my leftover collage pieces.

I really hope you give a Glue Book a try, they are really easy, great fun and can be done anywhere.

There are so many places you can play in your Glue Book, here are a few-

  • I like to do mine in front of the TV and in the garden.
  • When you want to do something creative but haven't got the time or space for a larger project.
  • I also like to take mine on holiday with me as it doesn't take up much space.
  • If you had the collage pieces cut out before you left home, it would be great to do on a flight, you could tear the papers to size.
  • A great project for the children to do with you, everyone can have their own book as you can use any book, even junk mail booklets.
  • It is a great way to get your creativity going or introduce someone to collage and art journaling.

As I think you can tell I love my Glue Book and have really enjoyed sharing mine with you today.

Did you know last year as part of the Art Journal Emporium Tangie did a Glue Book Workshop?  That's just one of the many member benefits as part of the AJE.

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I will be back again next month with another cut and paste project, till then, take care.

Love Katrina X

[Posted by: Katrina Rollings]