Flashback Fridays - Art Journaling 101: Get Tangled In the Zen of It All May 13 2016, 0 Comments

September 2011's Adventure Quest in the Art Journal Caravan for 2011 (now available as a self-study workshop) is all about Zentangles®, and Mandalas. 

Tangle patterns are a great thing to add to your doodling repertoire in art journaling. There are also many tutorials and patterns with instructions online if you wish to explore further. I used some of these patterns on an art journal page that I’m going to show you today as the page progressed in stages.


Here is my page in phases…

First I started out with a vintage book page that I had previously misted in two colors.

Second, I used a pencil to doodle a border around the edges of the page which would be for my text. 

 Third, I penciled in my journaling and drew a heart.

Fourth, I used a fine point marker over the journaling. Then I did my first tangle pattern (Yincut)on the heart. If you would like to see the pattern instructions for Yincut as I did it in the heart, you can find it here. It is also found on the Official List link above.


Fifth, I penciled in houses along the bottom border. I added swirls. I added a Zentangle border called XYP along the top.

Then I had fun with a pattern called Finery in the upper left corner.

Then, I filled in the area around the butterfly in the upper right corner with a pattern called Bales.

The middle house roof was filled with a pattern called Keeko.


I filled the swirls with UnYun, HIBRED, and RETICULATED.

I filled in white space to the left of the swirls with Raindotty, AHH, and SOOFLOWERS.

Finally, I added color with markers.

I added it to a digital journal page as seen below.

Zen by Julie Ann Shahin, all products by Studio Tangie



Tangles from Art Journal Caravan™2011 Members:

September Adventure Quest Challenge by sssnoo

“I used Art Rage on my iPad to draw my tangle — its the square in the center. I also used several Gessos and the Gesso styles by Tangie and the rest of the items were created by Nicole Young. This was lots of fun to do. I played with making it all white and Black, but liked the splash of yellow.”


Handy by huntstrong

'I traced my hand with a black Sharpie marker, then divided that shape with horizontal and vertical wavy lines. Then I zentangled away the day!”


Mandala #1 by php57

“Drawn with my Wacom tablet – contains the letters of my nickname.”


zendala by Nevermore

"Y’all know I love to ramble on. So, I have never done a zendala before so I did download and use Genevive Crabe’s Template 1. Printed it out on cheap photocopy paper and started in with a cheap ballpoint pen. Sadly, by the time I thought I was going to use it, it was finished. Ideally, would have liked this on good paper with a decent pen. Scanned it in and put it on a Berna Datema “Lucky Bucket” paper with a little filtering (colour overlay, match colour, find edges, layer blending) and a good ol’ 60s message created with Michelle Godin’s “I met a Boy” cardboard with lettering done in ArtRage, finished off with Tangie’s worn paper style to make the letters crease nicely where the cardboard is creased. For those addicted, official Zentangle patterns mookah and between were used, the rest is just doodling."


Adventure Quest September by Grace

Credits: Kits by Dawn Inskip and  Rebecca McMeen

Are you ready to try your hand at Tangle patterns? As they say, “Anything is possible, one stroke at a time.”  

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